A Love/Hate Relationship- My Meth Addiction - Part 2

By offthewall87 · Sep 17, 2014 · ·
  1. I think I'm going crazy

    I've been back on drugs for about a year now but it was tramadol then norco and I got off of all that with meth. We have rekindled our relationship about 4 months ago. I didn't know it but for my husband it has been a lot longer. Its so much harder when your a couple who are addicts. We have a daughter together and I hate myself for what we are subjecting her too. She wakes up almost every night around 4am to watch some tv with us, we go to bed around then. Oh god the fighting she see's.... I'm a horrible mother... She is taken care of, don't get me wrong but I hate myself non the less..........


  1. rapter
    Re: I think I'm going crazy

    If i was you i would stop, But it easy to say and hard to do but it can be done with mind power.
    How i stop doing drug's ect.. put it this way drug's and beer kill your dream and dream killer's and
    this saying really help me. But no one it's horrible, put it this way the past it's the past. Hope this help!
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