A Love/Hate Relationship- My Meth Addiction - Part 3

By offthewall87 · Sep 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Now here comes the fun part

    I cant take it anymore. My husband and I are gonna kill each other (not literally). We need to get off of this shit. I haven't been completely sober since I was pregnant and that was 2 1/2 years ago. The self hate and depression that is coming is gonna suck. Still am having a little bit of PAWS from the pills and now comes the comedown. I hope it lasts and not just till payday...


  1. rapter
    Re: Now here comes the fun part

    Then stop you the owning person who can stop, I can tell you to stop but you wont listen you need to find somthing in life that will give you power to stop. If you have a kid stop for em' b/c once they grow up they might follow into your foot steps and you don't wont that. Do you really want to remember your life being high all the time? And the comedown will come but if you make it tho that a step to stay off this shit!
  2. UsedToCook
    Re: A Love/Hate Relationship- My Addiction

    Meth is a weird drug to quit. For each person it is a different thing that ties them too it. I've detoxed off of just about everything at one point or another. Personally I had the hardest time with anxiety and pain medications. With meth it depends on "HOW ADDICTED" you are. At least it has for me. With some drugs once you're hooked, you're hooked, with me, at least for me, that has not been the case.

    I'm going to say here that this is MY EXPERIENCE and that is what I'm talking about. If you've not had the same, I understand as my friends seem to have a different perspective.

    A binge of about a month takes about two and a half weeks to detox off of. The hardest thing is the three or four days directly after you've quit when your head is all weird and you don't feel right. Something seems to be different and you almost feel like you're not you.

    After that, it's merely getting the energy back. That's the rest of the two to two and a half weeks.

    About 10 years ago I went to prison for a meth charge. Leading up to that point, my life had revolved COMPLETELY around meth and oxycontin. That was when the 80mg pills were in the United States. That was my "Euphoric Body," as well as a little Fentanyl every now and again. I had done meth every day for the 2 and 1/2 years leading up to my incarceration.
    When I was laying in jail, I thanked God for coming off meth. I did not wake up except maybe twice a day to crap and puke from the Oxy withdrawl for the first two to three weeks. I've never experienced a PAINFUL withdrawl from meth, but energy (from the depleted dopamine in my brain) is hard to come by. The 90 months in Federal Prison that followed my arrest REALLY helped me grasp hold of that addiction. Ironically it was not either Oxy or Meth that I gave up in prison, rather it was cocaine. THAT drug you could own my soul when I start. I've stayed true to that promise to myself as well.

    The biggest problem quitting meth is the people. Especially the sex partners that you've had. Let's face it, sex was all I thought about when I was geetered out. LOL. But it IS hard to look at a pretty piece of blue, green, or some exotic color of Phosphorus crystal and NOT want to do it, even for me today. The best advice I can give to someone trying to quit the stuff is to change your friends. It's easier said than done, but I had to do it. You cannot do it a little at a time either, you have to quit your friends like you quit a drug, cold turkey. As long as it's in your face, you'll NEVER quit.

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