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By Reasonable · Mar 7, 2018 ·
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    If you didn't read yesterday's entry, then I was planning to pick up a car I bought today, but needed to make sure I got some work done first before a deadline and make it on time to pick up the car. The problem was at that point, I didn't have any sleep for 24 hours and couldn't stay awake long enough to get the work done unless I redosed more amphetamines, but I didn't want to take more than I should. So basically, at that point, the only option was to either miss the deadline (unacceptable) or take more than prescribed (also unacceptable). I decided to just stay awake and work until I passed out. And pass out I did.

    I did manage to get some of the work done but not as much as I wanted to. The saving grace there was it was a self-imposed deadline so it was a soft deadline that wasn't exactly life or death but one I didn't want to miss because that project is only a small part of a much larger project that depends on it.

    I woke up late today and picked up my new car. In the passenger seat was a strange gold coin that said
    "Absolutum Dominium."

    I Google-searched the image and didn't find much about it, but the translation from Latin to English is Absolute Ownership.

    This was an old friend of the family I bought the car from and picked it up today. I don't remember the coin being there in the seat when I test-drove it.

    I'll be pissed if I take to get the signed title put in my name and find out there was a lien on the title or something,
    especially because they told me there wasn't.

    Maybe it was just tossed in there as a token of good will or maybe (most likely) it was just left in there.

    Last night before I went to sleep, I didn't take any more amphetamines, but I did take a Melatonin and a pain pill to help me come down and eventually sleep so that I didn't stay up another night and miss the day completely with all the things I needed to get done.

    It was a good thing I did too, because I slept until 3:00 pm. Tomorrow I'll drive another car to get the title put in my name and I'll probably drop the car off for a tune up just to make sure everything's in good order.

    I got to thinking I need to take absolute ownership for each situation I encounter and that coin in the car reminded me of that so I thought it was relevant to recovery and how being responsible for my choices means I own the outcomes for better or worse.

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