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  1. We all hear it im assuming, if you havent yet, your either lying to yourself, purposely pretending thats not real, calling it your own voice, or your just not really a human being. We all have heard it before. we walk around all day and that voice speaks to us, telling when to do something, not to do something, dont touch the flames it'll burn and it'll be hot. The voice is with us always. It even follows us around every where, thats why we really cant get away with anything even though we think we get away with a few things here and there, but we truly never do because that inner voice will always remind us that 'someone knows what we did'.

    The inner voice can be very persuasive, it can be either helpful or harmful depeding which side you let that voice come from. I believe we have souls all around us, speaking with us if you listen. Good souls trying to lead us to salvation, trying to get you not to make that same mistake, and then theres the bad negative energies, or souls as they are mostly called, filled with hate and anger, trying to get you to self destruct.

    You really do have to be careful how you live here, because you too will become an inner voice speaking to people, following someone new around, whispering to them, just whispering, all day and all night. Are you a good voice? do you listen to your good inner voice or do you listen to your negative inner voice. tell me honestly, which voice do you listen too. Because your life will let you know which voice you've been listening too, there is no lying to yourself when you see it for yourself. seriously look at your enviornment, if its filled with negativity then guess which voice you've been listening too? all those negative voices who were once here now have a place to manifest, and its inside of you.

    Now those voices speak to you more often and the voice volume gets turned up louder as you pay more attention to them, and continue to follow that voice down a path of destruction, satisfying no one! So tell me, which voice do you listen too. If your still doing drugs and your life is still going to shit, and your still at rock bottom, and your still not doing anything to benefit your life, and your still not trying to be an actual contributing person on this earth, and if your still making excuses for yourself, and your still in and out of trouble, then take a guess which voice you've been listening too.
    When you ask yourself 'is it okay if i drink right now? i mean it is a party after all. but im trying to quit, should i atleast just get a beer to be socialable?' then depending how your life is you get an answer. If you have been doing positive things, like staying sober, trying to be a good person, working the program, minding your own business, being helpful to people just for the good of it and not a reward, then guess which voice you get? 'no, its not a good idea, your trying to remain sober remember? its your sisters birthday, say happy birthday but let her know you cant be here right now and leave for your own safety.'

    But if you havent been doing what your supposed to be doing like, your still secretly drinking and lying about it, being selfish, spewing hateful comments at people knowingly, purposely trying to destroy things, then guess which voice you get inside of your head that night. "come on man, its your sisters birthday, atleast have a drink, i mean ONE DRINK is not gonna kill yah. come on, dont be that guy that ruins the party because hes sober." You set yourself up for either failure or success, and these voices that you hear can either help you or hurt you. the positive ones will always be there, just like the negative ones will always be there, but which one do you listen to? which voice is on mute, and which voice is on max volume? I dont know, you tell me, seriously let me know which voice you hear mostly, and that will let you know exactly why your life is the way it is. If you hear a voice relay back something negative tell it to shut up, if you hear the positve voice reverb back to you, consult with it, thank it, and listen out for it next time. We cant see who is who in that realm, i hope you undertand that, so you have to use your good judgement figuring out which voice is good for you and which one isnt.

    Sometimes its very difficult to figure out which is which, it really is, but i garuntee you the more positve vibes you surround yourself with then the easier itll be to figure out what voice is talking to you, the more clear that positve voice will come in for you. You have to be around positive energies, surround yourself with the vibes people, and then watch as your life begins to slowly change into a more beneficial, more fullfilling life.

    Those voices are very pursuading. Tempting. And easy to be led blindly into the darkness, especially if you dont know where the hell your at in life, or where your going, dont make it that easy for them. Find that positive energy, go to it, its filled with growth and life, waiting for you to enter it. Sshh, listen, its calling you.....but which one though....



  1. JarvyJarvison
    I dunno if you're talking about your inner monologue, your conscience, imaginary voices, or actual audio hallucinations. Either way, I think it's unwise to talk to them.

  2. airyoung01
    jarvyjarvison stop misleading people on my page with unsupportive comments. And you know which voice I'm talking about if you even read my entry I made it very clear to everyone which I was speaking too, and which I was staying away from. I'm tired of your passive aggressive comments, if you have an opinion make your own post and share it there!!
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