Addicted to Loperamide-New Year, New Start, New Motivation and support is key - Part 73

By Nefret · Oct 19, 2014 · ·
  1. JonB, thank you so much for your words of encouragment. It is so appreciated and helps so much when feeling down and self judgement is so fierce and loud. Your words come at a perfect time! Thank you again.

    Well, I my emotions really have the flu and physically I feel it coming on too. I have been non stop judging myself and picking up that old perverbial bat. It is not that I have screwed up lately, actually quite the opposite. I am down now to 15 Loperamide pills (Imodium). I am down 2 pills, 4mg. Perhaps that's why I have been feeling crappy. Each cut now is getting harder.

    Anyhow, that's it for now. Needing support.


  1. Roxywarrior
    Hello Nefret!! Just wanted to wish you well!! Also, due to you and others like Road, I was extremely careful when using Loperamide when coming off of oxy. I used it for a very short period, it served it's purpose, got me through what I needed to and I stopped. I will admit, my first day I popped 30 pills, did the normal tricks to pass the bbb, and I felt amazing. That feeling would have been rather easy to maintain, but due to you guys I didn't. I didn't want to suffer through any more withdrawals, so just a quick thank you, as you both saved me some future suffering. Hang in there, you are doing so well!!
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