Addicted to Loperamide-New Year, New Start, New Motivation and support is key - Part 76

By Nefret · Oct 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Hey Roxy,

    Your President was on TV speaking of the attack and CNN is covering it, watching it on CNN now actually. Some CNN reporters came up here reporting on it. Huge story. That's what CNN mainly is reporting on.

    Terrorist ran into the Parliament Buildings and ended up shooting and killing a soldier at the "Tomb of the UnKnown Soldier". Then a special Unit reServe officer (they where a kilt) ended up killing the terrorist in Parliament in the "Hall of Honour".

    So much symbolism in what happened!
    We (Canada) have lost our innocene yesterday.


  1. Roxywarrior
    Sorry to hear this. I don't understand this sick, horrible, rotten society we live in... Such a terrible tragedy.
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