Addicted to Loperamide-New Year, New Start, New Motivation and support is key - Part 77

By Nefret · Oct 24, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks Roxy,
    I too am sorry that you had to go thru 9/11. I will never forget that day, though you were right there and can't compare my experience (all government buildings here were empied of all employees as we are not all that far away from NYC). You said that you never got over it. Do you think that 9/11 played in any way into your drug use/abuse?

    Personally I don't see our western society, as rotten or sick or anything of the sort really, we didn't do this. What we did do is help one another and gave our best and stood in solidarity with our neighbours. This is the heart of our western society. Not those who wish to change our democratic society and try to force their Sharia law and anti Semetic ideologies. Under their law, us addicts would be killed if ever found out under their law and never given the chance to recover. There is no perfect society, but our American and Canadian societies are the best it can get. :)


  1. Roxywarrior
    I definitely didn't get my point across, I love America, Canada, our people, etc. I just can't believe that anyone in this society would just kill random people, destroy life, it's so sad...

    As far as my drug use, no, I can't blame 9/11. I just really enjoy the feeling. I've yet to figure out another reason... I had a good childhood, friends, sports, money, etc. I never thought I'd get addicted. Had I known I'd never have touched Roxies.
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