Addicted to Loperamide-New Year, New Start, New Motivation and support is key - Part 78

By Nefret · Oct 24, 2014 · ·
  1. So sorry I didn't get your meaning at first. But what you say is can a human being be filled with such hate and become rotten to there very core. And they are 'home grown'. Their families immigrate here, the kids grow up in a western society, enjoy the freedoms of said societies, use our doctors, education system, and all that we have to offer, then turn on us - they get radicalized - go over seas to a terrorist boot camp, come back 'home' and try to inflict as much damage as they can. This I cannot understand. I doubt I ever will.


  1. Roxywarrior
    Yes, it's absolutely horrifying. I'm glad you don't understand it, as am I. I pray for a better world to live in.
  2. Fishbone
    Were you able to get off the lope? I was wanting to know because I have had a lope addiction for close to 8 months now. I have to take 80 pills a day. I really want to get off this shit.

    Fishbone added 3 Minutes and 19 Seconds later...

    Sorry I was reading from my phone I didn't realize there was another page.
  3. Roaddoggy
    Hey Nefret, just catching up with your thread. Hope you are feeling better on your taper. I'm very proud of you for getting your dose down lower. I know you will beat this.

    I was just thinking of you. I know we PMed yesterday, but I was just thinking of you and your family and I just wanted to wish you all the very best. Much Love Roaddog....
  4. Jungledog
    Hi Nefret! I am new here and currently weaning off loperamide. Down to 17 pills and plan to drop again tomorrow. Doing OK and hope you are too.:)
  5. Roxywarrior
    Hey Nefret!!! Just stopping in to wish you well!!
  6. Jungledog

    I tried to post a link to a yoga site but did not realize that wasn't allowed. I thought you just couldn't post a link to sites that sell shit. Anyhow, just google "restorative yoga for anxiety" and you will find pictures and directions for poses.

    Hope you are well. I dropped to 15 pills this morning. Feel crappy but that's life.

  7. JonBenetMom
    Hi Nefret-

    Just wanting to come here and see if anything was new with you. Are you doing well?
  8. Jungledog

    Wondering how you are doing? I was able to get off the loperamide and onto kratom. Tapering that now. Feeling pretty shitty but wading through it. Hope you are good. :)

  9. Ellen042
    Hi Nefret! Come on back and join us again! It's perfectly OK if you've been absent for a while, as I was for months too, and it's perfectly OK if you're still struggling. I myself am tapering loperamide for the second time! We'd LOVE to hear from you! You are so strong, sister. We miss you.

    :) Ellen
  10. gbread
    What's up Netfret?

    I / we need you! I was told that you knew what I was going through. Would love to join in supporting each other. I heard that you have much knowledge and experience with opiates and loperamide. Hope you come and join us again. No worries!!

    Throwing love your way.
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