Ak2ut's departure from opiates - Part 51

By ak2Ut · Nov 22, 2014 · ·
  1. Of course Cmenot, that is part of the reason I continue to post. This site was my outlet for the majority of my recovery. Quitting opiates was very tough but at the same time the best thing I ever did for myself because it not only killed the demons but it opened my life up. Providing different experiences that have completely changed me and given me an unshakeable strength. I have become a person that I don't despise. I go through difficulties now and compare them to my life on opiates and hard drugs. The pain I felt during withdrawal and the feeling of being helpless, hopeless and sick while using where a living hell.. Nothing compares now to the hardship of withdrawaling or the daily self-resentment of use. Once it is overcome a brand new world opens up :) You just need to work for it and give it a solid chance, all while knowing that it hurts because it is worth it.

    I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season (the best time of the year in my opinion) and we all get to where we want to be, love you guys! Stay up! Life is worth living.


  1. ak2Ut
    Sober and loving it, coming up on something like 22 months sober. It's crazy to read back through my struggle. It seems like a different life.
  2. Kitts
    Hey AK, well done ! 22 months is awesome. :) Good for you. So nice to hear you're doing well. :thumbsup:
    Thankyou very much for updating us.
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