Another methadone taper/detox thread - Part 11

By woodrod · Feb 12, 2015 ·
  1. End of day 20. So tomorrow will be 3 weeks off the liquid handcuffs. I still have a rough time sleeping. About every other day ill sleep. If i sleep enough one night its likely the next night i wont. Ive not taken any comfort meds since i posted last week. The last few nights i have dreamed about drugs... pills to crack and everything in between. I guess i can do any drugs i want as long as im dreaming. You would think itd be fucking with my head, but it aint. I find it amusing. Ive had a few nightmares too. Thats not normal for me. I still have fatigue, but i had it before i started tapering. Its hard to tell what is lingering methadone problems or just my new normal now. I find myself smiling and joking around like i havnt done in years. Ive played with my kids more than i have in a while. Im fairly certain that methadone masked some of my neurological problems. I dont think withdrawal triggered any new flares. Its just shit i was too fucked up to notice. My eyes are wide open now. Im living in the real world. I could never find true happiness in drugs. They feel awesome at the time, but i prefer the way i feel now.

    Thanks for the kind remarks above.

    woodrod added 6 Minutes and 59 Seconds later...

    Oh i still have freaky pit sweat. It never occurs during bedtime. It normally stops at some point during the evening. It has to be some kind of neurotransmitter issue. I dont really know what to do about it. I get really uncomfortable in public. Physically wet sensation from my clothes drives me nuts. I may shave my pits to see if that helps.


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