Another methadone taper/detox thread - Part 12

By woodrod · Feb 23, 2015 ·
  1. Around 30 days clean. Ive been back in the bed with my wife and kids for a little over a week. Im such a light sleeper now. I wake too often. I never feel fully rested. My armpits still sweat more than normal. Ive got this anti perspiration shit called certain dri. It works for the most part. The sweats were getting better slowly anyway, but i doubt anything would have worked 2 weeks ago. Other than those 2 symptoms, i feel like i did while on methadone. Im even starting to need naps in the afternoon. I got off the shit hoping that naps would be a thing of the past. Mentally im totally different person now, thats a good thing. I even went to get my friend some methadone pills from my friend/dealer. It was a little awkward having to be around the "game" again. Its fucked, i know my friend should not ask me to be around drugs. Im just a nice person. I pity folks thats are still trapped by opioids, so i want to help. That same friend has already asked me if i wanted to get some heroin sometime. I asked him if he was fucking nuts. I now see that the easy part was the detox. The hard part will be, being around addicted friends. Its like this, there are certain things i need help with around the house. This guy, the addict, was the only friend that would help me fix my roof, yesterday. Part of me wants to distance myself. The other part of me wants to live and let live. Maybe i can be a good influence on him, instead of the opposite. I have no desire to medicate in any way.

    I still sneeze alot. I rarely sneezed before i got addicted to opioids.


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