Another methadone taper/detox thread - Part 6

By woodrod · Jan 29, 2015 ·
  1. I definitely felt better yesterday, but today wasnt too bad. My only problems are bad fatigue and sneezes. Brain fog has lifted some or im adjusting to it. Neurontin and melatonin didnt help me sleep like the previous night. Im just worried that im gonna have sleep issues for a while. With my MS if i dont sleep enough my normal fatigue feels about like this. I think im going to talk my way into a mirtazepine (spelling?) script. I know that shit will make me sleep 14 hrs. Im scared to take the seroquel, even though they are in the same family of drugs, i think. If i could have slept more last night today would have been better than yesterday. Day 5 of no narcotics over and out.

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    Right at bedtime my lips and face are tingling. I dont really care for it. I felt it before when i stopped taking welbutrin. Anybody else experience this or is it a new MS feature?

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    Day 6. I slept 2 shitty hrs last night. Im not taking anymore sleep aids. Im just gona ride it out. How is my nervous system supposed to stabilize if i keep putting other meds in the mix. I feel gravity x4. Im so weak moving is a struggle. My left hand went numb today and im having vision problems. I may have to go in for steroids, if my sleep dont adjust soon. This is a special kind of torture. Only symptoms, extreme fatigue, insomnia, and double sneezes. Im not depressed. I feel absolutely fine mentally. Stay off methadone kids. Its nasty nasty.


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