Another methadone taper/detox thread - Part 9

By woodrod · Feb 4, 2015 ·
  1. Day 11 was a little better than day 10. Same symptoms.

    Day 12. I actually slept on my own last night. No meds. Now i guess im going to have to take the clonidine for a while longer because i hav took it just long enough to get addicted to it. I took it every night since day 2 except one. So im going to have another taper in my future. The bitch is i never took more than half of a .1 mg tablet only at night. Most nights i only took 1/4. I didnt take any last night and my bp shot up tonight at bedtime. If i could do it over, i would have just rather suffered then, than now. Its just putting bad shit off for later.

    As far as symptoms go... Everything is getting better slowly slowly. I feel almost normal. Its just the mild symptoms that last forever kind of fuck with my head. I still feel like laying around but have body anxiety, so i hate laying around. Im trying to stay positive. Ive been very irritable. The wife and kids want me back sleeping in the bed with them, but no two days have been a perfect match so far. So predicting something like if i will sleep or not is out. The worst symptom i have is the fucking pit sweats. I sweat so much that my shirt gets wet. It washes all the anti perspirant off very quickly. Ive read some people have that shit for months. Anybody here had any trouble coming off of clonidine at such a low dose?


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