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  1. Everything was going well for me up until yesterday. Had a bit of stress with in laws visiting and I relapsed. Feel bad having to say so but maybe the guilt and shame will help me continue. All I can say to those following me and myself is sorry.


  1. aemetha
    Make it a lesson, not a punishment. Don't let your confidence wane. You don't want to be complacent, but you also need to be able to tell yourself you can stay clean in order to keep motivated. You can stay clean. Don't apologise to us, don't even apologise to yourself if you learned something that will help you stay clean in future. That's really all life is, learning and growing. It's when we don't learn that things get rough for us.
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  2. phil9262
    Like @aemetha said, there is no need to apologize. This is apart of your story. Take what happened and use it as a tool. Figure out what caused this. If it was stress if in laws, we need to find a way for you to deal with stressful situation in nontoxic manner. Each day we're alive is a day to learn something. Staying sober requires having weapons to fight off our demons. By weapons i mean, when we find ourselves in a uncomfortable situation, we need to have something to use to protect ourselves from making a harmful decision. When I'm stressed and feel like using, my weapon is exercise. You need to find your weapon.
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