Back on the wagon after 4 week relapse, just popped an antibuse - Part 3

By oldscratch · Nov 26, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks Kitts. Like you said the birthday will be easy , new years is going to be tough. I am pretty confident though. I have been through the last 3 new years sober I can do it again. Fortunately this was a pretty short relapse that didn't get too out of control. 10 days with no booze now and the cravings are waning.

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    I'm sure you are right to a degree Mrs Badger. She definitely had no clue I was as drunk as I was at the birthday party though or I would have heard about it.

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    GC I hear you loud and clear. This has been my first brush with alcohol since the kids were really little. It is really clear to me now that I don't want them growing up with a drunk dad. Thanks for sharing your story.

    To all of you I am pleased to say things are getting easier. I am falling back into my old sober ways instead of my newer drunk ways. Thank god I realized things were going in the wrong direction before things got too out of control.

    On a side note, I will keep it honest and admit I have used kratom a couple times. On some level I am glad I found this stuff. Gives you a high but doesn't get you inebriated. On the other side of the coin I am concerned about trading one drug for the other...I have used pot throughout my non drinking phase and it really didn't cause me any problems. I see the kratom as being similar. Though there are stories on here about people becoming dependent. For now I will let myself use it a couple times a week and see how it goes.


  1. Squizz
    Hey Bro,

    I wouldn't worry too much about the Kratom. I've used Zopiclone and Ephedrine since I cleaned up two years ago, and I still consider myself clean. Whatever you do though: Don't drink! Alcohol is clearly your biggest problem. I can tell, because it was clearly my biggest problem as well. No drug caused me nearly as much trouble as alcohol did.

    So, that being the case: just don't drink! You've had long-term sobriety before, so you know the deal. You know how much better life is without alcohol. I'm not trying to persuade you, you already know! It's like tobacco: Once you quit, you can't help but feel better. If nothing else, healthier.

    Now that being said, I'm not suggesting you start shooting heroin tomorrow, either. LOL. :D

    But I think you get the picture. If a little weed, or Kratom is gonna' keep you off the bottle, I say go for it. -Matt
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