Bad night and gonna get worse

By PastorFuzz · Feb 21, 2019 · ·
  1. 2-20-19....I guess....whatever...
    Howzitgoin, everybody?

    My friend who was killed a few days ago had been on her way home, gotta flat, pulled over and got outta her car, and was run over by a drunk driver. She was just a kid, 19 years old, her life stolen from her. The drunk is in jail. So I guess in a way she was murdered after all. It would be wrong for me to hate the drunk. I've no right to judge him. But I do.


  1. JaneDeux
    Oh my, I'm not sure what to say. That is terrible news all around. I'm so sorry.

    Whatever you decide to do, remember revenge is a dish best served cold (if at all). Keep your head on straight.

    Be smart, stay safe, Jane
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  2. PastorFuzz
    Take care lil friend
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  3. angelraysmehigher
    Yes second @JaneGault justice best served cold, if it all.
    It's frustrating though and always easier said than done but my thoughts are with you and as tough as it is, do your best to keep the head straight in such circumstances.

    Sorry again to hear about your young friend @PastorFuzz, it's a struggle to even try comprehend how such things can even happen in the grand scheme of life but I hope you find comfort in knowing you've a little angel watching over you and still accompanying you through each day.
    All my love.
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  4. jazzyj9
    Hopefully, the driver is found. That's a murder case, to drive drunk and hit and kill a person, then flee the scene. This person has some bad karma coming his way.
  5. PastorFuzz
  6. PastorFuzz
    I ain't thinkin clearly right now. Last night I deleted part of this entry bout what happened at my place with another drunk which makes y'alls comments appear a lil confusin to anybody who reads this now. Sorry.

    So anyway, my drunk naber trashed my truck last night. I'm like two days away from finishin a job I can no longer do cuz of my wrecked windshield. I'm almost broke, my truck is old, hard to find parts, so, even if I had the cash it will take time to fix. And my bills are piling up. And the worthless pigs aint gonna do shit even tho they know he did it.

    I gotta go see if my truck is driveable. I told the pigs to stay the fuck off my property. I'll deal with my naber in my own way. I got nuthin to lose now so I'm free to do whatever suits me whenever it suits me. God help that mf should he turn his back on me now.

    I'm drinkin coffee, ain't even showered after work yesterday and slept in my clothes. Life is great

    Y'all have a decent day
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  7. Mingo123
    Dear, dear Pastor Fuzz - Life is so full of total assholes - your neighbor is one of them! Please don't risk your health and safety on a poopy asshole. You have so much more going for you as a fellow human being. I hope your neighbor wakes up, smells the coffee and makes restitution to you. Poor truck. Wish we could all come over and hang out for a day - may be all go over to visit the neighbor. Be well big, burly friend.
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  8. PastorFuzz
    Many thanx, @Mingo123!
    I ain't got time to deal with that asshole right now. I gotta focus on damage control, get my work done, bills paid, etc. So I ain't gonna do 2 things today: 1-retribution 2-hielo

    I'll face tomorrow when it gets here. I think I'm on day 12 off meth. I tell my self this too shall pass. So don't worry overly much, dear friend. I don't know what I'm gonna do but I ain't gonna go down in flames today

    Many hugs To you and many thanx for always being in my corner and remindin me I ain't totally alone xo
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  9. trdofbeingtrd
    My condolences.

    I do blame the drunk driver that took my sister from me......your not abnormal for feeling that way.
  10. PastorFuzz
    @trdofbeingtrd, many thanx for droppin by today. Door is always open for you. I'm sorry bout the tragic loss of your sister.

    Some people need to forgive those who hurt them or their loved ones in order to heal and move on with their lives. Some find closure thru forgiveness.

    I ain't one of those people. I'm forgiving and tolerant and reasonable, but there are lines you just don't cross.

    Be well, my friend and thank you again.

    @jazzyj9!! Howzitgoin my wise lil friend?
    The drunk who ran my lil friend down is in jail and facing charges.

    It's said that doin evil is it's own punishment. He chose to drink and drive. Now not only will he pay the price to society via the justice system, he will wake up and go thru everyday carryin the knowledge that he killed an innocent young girl.

    Just cuz we're addicts whose behavior largely stems from our disease and is therefore understandable, don't mean we ain't still accountable for that behavior.

    I appreciate you droppin by too, lil friend. I'm very fortunate and I'm undeservin of the friendship and support of good and decent people like you. So its with gratitude that I send you many hugs, ms. JazzyJ xo

    Much love right back at ya, @angelraysmehigher!!

    I do take great comfort in havin a lil angel sittin on my shoulder. You're always a ray of sunshine even on my gloomiest days. Your compassion warms me when I'm chilled to the bone and you never fail to leave me with something to think about, a fresh perspective or unique insight. You always leave me better off than you found me xo

    Howzitgoin, @JaneGault! Thank you so much for always bein here for me, for helpin me see the silver linings, for sharin my every load so I dont feel alone and so I don't just say fuck it and give up, for keepin me honest and objective with your wise council, for givin me confidence and hope and a sense that I'm part of something far bigger than myself, and healin my tortured spirit with your overwhelmin kindness, warmth and seemingly endless patience with this grumpy old toad.

    Endless warm, gentle hugs to you. Thank you for lending me some of your courage as well as your shoulder. You're beautiful thru and thru, heart and soul xo

    My lil friend was military and at her funeral a fighter squadron is gonna fly over in the "missin man" formation.

    Many thanx. Y'all have a decent night
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