been sober for 30 days, how to dismiss cravings? - Part 1

By ima.get.her.doee · Sep 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Its not so much as im craving it, its just that my weight gain is a trigger to me..... how can i help this from happening? I have only gained 5 pounds, i had lost alot during my 3 month relapse... went from 155 to 135.. im 140 now after a month of being clean..... i just dont wanna gain again... is there anything i can do to help me being triggered? No rude comments plz.


  1. Ifiwereabird
    I see this is an older post but if your question is still open....

    I would say if weight gain is trigger enough for you to relapse and jeopardize sobriety than hopefully you understand the issue isn't just using in itself. Dig a little deeper, be healthy. Meth makes you lose weight. Ok, but it also is one of the most destructive drugs as far as your health is concerned. Its not worth it. That's not my opinion. That is a fact. Remember who you were when you were that '135' weight. What was it that made you need to quit altogether? Think about that and then let it go.

    Take a 30 min walk 3 x a week. Get a nutritionist. Gym membership. The point: Stay busy. Cravings stay as long as you entertain them. If your willpower stinks like most than seek out someone that can help you with understanding why being skinny is more important than being healthy.

    I have an eating disorder.
    I know the struggle.
    I still have a hard time but I speak to a therapist about it. Because at the end of the day, the issue I have, is loving myself.

    So, dig deeper sister.
    And throw the scale out the window.
    Numbers. They are just numbers.

  2. michael523
    Take control of your diet and you can be what ever weight you wish. Your in control. Exercise and weight training are good for meth addiction. You'll learn to love your body again and this will make relapsing a bigger decision. Take one day at a time and remember it does get alot easier with time. Their is life after meth.
  3. TweakORLifeNOTboth
    No such thing exists that I'm aware of to dismiss a craving. Distract yourself and let it pass. Remind yourself that they do become less frequent, shorter and less intense - as long as you keep on the horse, the cravings will continue to improve exponentially.

    Something I find useful in recovery because my cravings usually trigger a lot of rage, I take advantage of the surplus energy and put it to use (anything physical). Feels ten times better after it passes when doing this.
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