Blind Hog

By PastorFuzz · Mar 8, 2019 · ·
  1. 3-8-19 Howzitgoin, everybody!
    Today was my first day back to work in about 12 days. It's surprising how quickly I fall outta shape when I take time off work. I got banged up a lot today, smashed a couple fingers, took a shot to the head that rang my bell pretty good. But all in all it wasn't a bad day and it didn't totally suck.

    And that's cool cuz today I achieve one month's abstinence from the hielo. I guess even a blind hog finds an acorn sometimes.

    I had mentioned to somebody on here that I've been flying pretty low and in a shitty place in regards to both my attitude and my habits. A pattern exists here. When I spend too many days off work, I begin to stagnate with too much free time to brood, pout, worry, procrastinate, and do a lotta dope. Once I'm back kickin ass at work the depression tends to ease up, level off, and stability is reestablished.
    (I wrote this yesterday.)

    Hey, this toad that walks on two legs hopes all y'all have a decent day that don't totally suck! Screenshot_2019-03-08-06-23-22.png


  1. jazzyj9
    I’m the same way when I have too much time on my hands I tend to get depressed because all my issues smack me in the face.
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    1. Hopeless78
      I think that’s a pretty common pattern with us addicts, I’m the same way.
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