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  1. Third day on 2,0 and as I suspected this day is where the 0,5 gram cut really feels. Cold.. so very cold..anxiety and nervous. Nervous about stuff that Is half a year a head of me! Like my mothers birthday in June.. omg..
    Doing the zombiewalk in the kitchen for 15 minutes, the double socks and pants are on of course..then 15 minutes under a thick blanket in the sofa.. up again doing the zombiewalk.. but I know this by now.. I´m getting good at it.. but cant have it as a profession.. to bad.. I could be the headmaster at the withdraw-academy! PhD and the lot..
    Hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.. I can take a bit worse.. but not for many days.. I´m getting a bunch of Gabapentine next week so then I will take a few days of this phenibutshit. But wont take them together again!! even though it puts me in gabaheaven and everything I do has a orgasmic feeling to it..
    cold but alive.

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    messed up guy.


  1. midihooker
    and 15 minutes after dose, chills are gone.
  2. sadbutglad
    What happened? I thought you were clean. ARe you tapering or going back and forth? I'm day 2 off oxy again.
    1. midihooker
      no! I´m still tapering my friend! made a 0,5gram cut four days ago and with phenibut it´s always noticed most on the second/third day.. I have 2gram left.. cutting in a couple of days.. this is the worse shit to come clean of.. from my doses anyway, 12gram a day!!
  3. detoxin momma
    we all fuck up sometimes, just keep on keepin on...my friend thats been helpin me around here always has tramadols, but i sure dont ask, would just put me back to square one...aint worth it...

    im on 3 weeks today with zero mountain dew :)
    terrible thing to quit, see it everywhere....i feel very sorry for people i assumed were on drugs when they quit doing some of their intakes, weight just melts off....

    pisses me off how other people assume things when that happens to you..

    stay strong, lifes tough sometimes, but where theres a will theres way!

    good luck...
    1. midihooker
      wow mountain dew!! I saw a documentary about people drinking that.. teeth melted and felled out!! only sugar.. cant even drink coke it´s to much sugar for me.. Hope this day will be better then yesterday. Peace!
      detoxin momma likes this.
  4. sadbutglad
    I don't know too much about phenibut. What does it do for you? Gets you high? Or were you using it to come off something else?
    1. midihooker
      I have done evry drug there is, in every way! phenibut is the winner!! it´s like a blend of MDMA/amphetamine/lyrica. you sleep as a baby. get all the stuff done you been thinking of. It takes you to the next level of your self.. girls in clubs runs after me like I´m a rockstar when I´m on it. I love the world and my empathy is on top! When you quit. It´s like being in a horror movie wit no end.
    2. midihooker
      I CT from huge amounts of benzos a couple of times.. that was babyfood compared to this..
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