1. I did I went to detox on Wednesday it was a fabulous place everyone was so kind my worst withdrawals believe it or not was not being able to have my phone or smoke! I just came home yesterday and was feeling antsy so I went to na meeting which helped. I'm not gonnna lie I keep think about pills but I don't want them it's strange. I don't EVER want to go back to day 1. I'm feeling ok I get a little antsy and feel really fatigued like the thought of cleaning the house is totally not gonna happen. During detox I was constantly hungry I was eating but now that I'm home I'm not hungry and am forcing myself to eat. Dr gave me a RX for gabapentin I took it last night and slept great she said I can take it 3 times a day but I hate that drowsy feeling so I'm trying to resist taking it. Any advice is welcome!!!!!

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    Been addicted to oxycodone for 8 years now and have had enough. I want to take my life back from these pills. Going to Detox April 12th and will fight this horrible addiction with everything I got. I'm almost 36, a mom to 3 kids, a wife, I work full time from home in customer service and have a direct sale business. I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I lost my mom nearly 15 years ago-She died of a heroin overdose, I lost my dad 2 years ago- he died to complications from alcoholism.


  1. Wurfgurf
    Just keep holding on.. it gets better by half every day. In a day or two you will be over the wake in sweats thing. Start exercising everyday, even if you only start with a total of like 25 lush ups. Lol push, hehe lush ups, apt good luck and all that hope u make it
  2. Hopeless78
    @Nomorepills congrats on 5 days, glad
    to hear you are doing relatively well! Much support & love your way xo
  3. Wurfgurf
    This might help motivate you to stay clean..Today. my brother died from heroin with fentanyl laced in it. Rest in peace Brian. We had our ups we had our downs . May we meet again one day and if you miss us, feel free to visit when you can.1
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