Cold Turkey Heroin Withdrawal. - Part 3

By KingofHyrule · May 27, 2013 · ·
  1. This is exactly the misconception that I had that led me to become complacent about the increasing frequency of my use.

    Don't get me wrong it took a lot of convincing from my friend who's staying with me not to crack and give into the temptation. My initial thought was a resounding yes but I'm glad I gave it some consideration before I replied to him because it's helped me to avoid what would have been a disastrous mistake.

    One of my regrettable ones is a cheap tacky dragon on my chest of all places. I absolutely hate it but my girl thinks its "cute" :rolleyes:

    In terms of my current progress, its now Sunday night. I've smoked a few joints and had a couple of ibuprofen and I feel quite good. My pupils are back to a normal size and I even went for a meal at my parents' house today and found myself participating in the conversation a lot more than I have for as long as I can really remember.

    I'm going to go to bed soon. I'll probably take 10mg of nitrazepam again so that I definitely get some sleep but will try for some natural sleep tomorrow. My dad gave me £20 this evening as well and it hasn't even crossed my mind to go and score... :applause:


  1. homegirl808
    KINGOFHYRULE-how are you doing?
  2. KingofHyrule
    For anyone who's interested, I failed in my attempts to stay clean.
    Lasted about 6 days.

    I start Subutex treatment on Tuesday. So one more guilt-free session tomorrow :)
  3. Cash.Nexus
    Good for update. If you're having a sesh tomorrow, don't cut the timing too fine. You know that Subutex is supposed to be taken way into withdrawal. How long depends; there are so many opinions and experiences. Some medics insist on 3 days. IIRC from the nurse who gave me Suboxone, 8-12 hours is the bare minimum. Not enough in my case...precipitated withdrawals are screaming awful, to put it mildly.

    So is it maintenance or short-term reduction course?
  4. djdanik
    I'm currently withdrawing. I have surgery next week and I'm scared I'll die if I'm high on heroin and go under. So I gotta get clean for my surgery then get high again off my pain medication I'll need for 5 days but will turn into months of using.

    I use 1/8th suboxone (takes away hardcore wd's use 24 hours after last dose), some benzos, trazodone an and ambien for sleep, that shit knocks me out. and high grade medical marijuana to "take the edge off" . I don't feel that bad except I'm so fucking tired, It's a bitch to walk outside to smoke a cig. I smoke weed in the bathroom so its easier.

    djdanik added 2 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    to do longterm maintenance withdrawls are 3 weeks long, My friend started abusing regular opiates not to withdrawl off suboxone cause its easier to withdrawl off opiates apparently. So becareful using suboxone or methadone. U have to keep a low ass dose not to get hooked on it and not use it for more than 5 days.
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