Cold Turkey Heroin Withdrawal. - Part 5

By KingofHyrule · Feb 4, 2015 · ·
  1. OK I went to my appointment. I had a blood test for blood borne viruses Hepatitis C and HIV and was also immunised against Hepatitis B. My results from the blood test will be available in 2 to 3 weeks although I suspect there is nothing to worry about, having never injected nor shared foil tubes with anyone who does so, although knowing me luck... well, best just not to tempt fate.

    I have an appointment with the doctor at 9.30 in the morning tomorrow. I must be there at 9.00 so that they can take a urine analysis first and fill in some forms. I have requested a subutex script which I imagine will be due to start tomorrow. I will not be able to start this until the afternoon though, as I am currently high while typing this.

    I will keep posting updates as anything develops, so that you can follow my attempt at cleaning up for the sake of my future, which sadly appears to be running away from me at the moment. Tomorrow is the day for change. Real change.

    I have to also say that I am very impressed and pleased with the service that has been offered in my local area. It is very easy and efficient to obtain the help I needed. The area I live in has a particularly high level of substance abuse issues and as a result the services available to people who want to turn their back on such a lifestyle are abundant and free. I am very grateful for the NHS for this as if I was in the USA I would quite literally be, for want of a better word, fucked.

    Take care all,
    I'll keep you posted.

    KingofHyrule added 1387 Minutes and 30 Seconds later...

    Suffice to say i got it wrong. My appointment isn't until tomorrow morning. Will keep you posted. Is cash nexus still around?


  1. soso
    hi king, did you find out your appointment wasn't till tomorrow when you went there or did you realise before? when I was on mmt I was always always turning up on the wrong days lol id make appointments while I was high as fuck then get wrong
  2. KingofHyrule
    Haha i only found out when i was there. I dont want to pass the book but my appointment card said on it Thursday 4th February. I assumed theyd got the date right and the day wrong but it was the other way around. I'm a drug addict and even i wouldn't have made a mistake like writing Thursday 4th lol. Buffoons all around :)
  3. soso
    Just gotta hope the drs and key workers are more clued up than the receptionists lol
    I got no excuses though I'd just get it wrong and turn up wrong day or wrong time, they was that used to it in the end that they would just let me see whoever that day lol

    Are you going to get counselling as part of your treatment? It might help to talk about things
  4. KingofHyrule
    Well i THINK counselling is part of the whole package on offer and i will certainly be looking to engage in everything thats offered to me. Im determined to get off this crap once and for all now. Sick to death of it ruining my life and me happily enabling it to.
  5. Cash.Nexus
    Hey King. I'm around, now and then. Not been posting so much. Still grappling narcotics. Mostly codeine with a day on gear every week or two. Really out to shake it this year. Feel strong, but who the fuck knows anymore.

    So you're out for a subutex script? Let us know how that works out. Gotta go, all the best dude. :thumbsup:
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