Cold turkey starts tomorrow

By con · Apr 10, 2019 · ·
  1. I've prepared myself for tomorrow by doing or getting the following things:
    • Deleted my dealers numbers along with any texts or other ways of getting weed
    • Gave myself something to do for most of the day
    • sleeping tablets (no sleepless nights helps a lot)
    • Have an exercise plan for tomorrow when I feel restless
    • Told all my friends I'm busy and can't be around them until I've completely kicked the habit
    • Wash lots of clothes (gets sweaty)
    • Banned from having physical cash (card only!)
    I know I'm going to hate these next few days but I need to remember that it does get better and its all for a good reason. I don't want to be an addict forever!
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  1. angelraysmehigher
    Hey there,

    Great idea to formulate a plan and ready yourself for the detox and withdrawals phase.
    You have some good measures in place but I wonder, does anybody else know of your addiction or that you plan to quit cannabis?
    Keeping away from social commitments is probably the safest option for anyone going through detox, however, if you are doing it alone and plan to stay quiet until you've kicked the habit, then I would reconsider canning all plans or social commitments. At least once the crappy part of detox is over.
    Addiction for most is very lonely and isolating as is, if you find yourself struggling at all throughout abstinence then I encourage you to reach out to somebody in your immediate life.
    For me personally, I have found my addiction to be incredibly isolating and lonely. This only manifested once I decided to cold turkey almost 2 months ago.
    Needless to say I struggled and relapsed a few times which didn't help so keep your eyes on the prize and work hard for yourself until you are happy with where you are in your circumstances but I would 100% consider finding someone you trust to reach out to if you need the help.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best! I look forward to reading more from your journal :)
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  2. Spacemen 4
    Good luck my friend. You know, I have been addicted to Heroin for most of my adult life (now nearly 50) and have been to about 20 rehabs and detox facilities. When I first started going to such places there would be people in there with weed addictions and I would laugh at them. Why would you be in rehab for weed? None of them had dealt with any of the legal issues or daily insanity of heroin addiction. I thought it was laughable.
    Then, a few years later when I got off my high horse (literally and figuratively) and got some humility, I realized it really doesn't matter what you're addicted to -any addiction can and eventually will ruin your life. I met some of the nicest people who had given their lives over to weed - and with the modern weed being so damn strong, these poor kids were living in much the same blur of an existence as me. All their money went on it, they couldn't handle life without it. It had limited their ability to succeed, have a family, and do any of the things that life is really about.
    Good luck my friend, make the decision to stop - HOWEVER HARD IT MAY BE - and stick with it. There's a whole world of opportunity and beauty out there that the damn weed is stealing from you. You can do it. It's time to reclaim your future.
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