Craving Oxycodone after 65 days clean - Part 1

By turtlecove · Apr 2, 2015 · ·
  1. I am 65 days clean from snorting oxy pills and I still have terrible cravings. I moved to a new area and do not have any sources or connects, or else I would have gotten high by now. It takes over my mind, still after 65 days clean.


  1. SoozyQ
    Hang in there honey.

    Are you getting plenty of exercise and eating and sleeping well?

    Your cravings sound like mine re giving up cigarettes. Even though I know how foul they taste, how much they cost, how bad they are for me, I often crave them. Luckily, after tapering off methadone after 15 years I have zero interest in it:D. But I understand the cravings giving in to them all those years ago is what ended me up on methadone.

    Maybe try writing down all the reasons why snorting oxys is not a good idea? It will get easier. Time is a great healer as is keeping busy.

    Best of luck and welcome to DF :D

  2. turtlecove
    Thanks soozy q
  3. gbread
    Hey turtlecove,:D

    Congrats on being clean 65 days!! That is awesome! I know how hard it is! The cravings WILL go away. I promise. They will go away. Oxycodone is a bit$%. Try not to take anything else either. That can make the problem worse. I eventually took loperamide and now I am weaning off of that! GEEZ I KNOW!!

    I feel for ya. I quit oxycodone a year and a half ago. I weaned off of it slowly from 20mg a day over 2 months to crumbs a day. I remember craving that so much even after 2 months. I almost lost my mind!

    Here are some suggestions:

    Get busy. Anything at all. Even if it's small tasks you don't complete right away.
    Exercise. Even walking to the mailbox. When I started exercising, that's when I started to forget about it.
    Post here and post often. Get whatever you need to off your chest. Many here will relate and respond!
    Pray if you believe in that. If you don't you could pray to whatever you think there is. It always helps me.
    Do anything except take more. I PROMISE the craving will go away. You have to find things to fill the time in your new life.
    Take care of yourself. Eat, sleep, if you can!, take a hot bath.
    Call someone or post here and try to help someone else. Post often and as much as you need to. Write it out. Getting out of your own head can help. I know it's definitely helped me. When I'm thinking of others, I'm not in my own world!

    Much love and hugs to you,
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