Craving Oxycodone after 65 days clean - Part 2

By turtlecove · Apr 3, 2015 ·
  1. thanks gbread!

    right when I needed a boost, i checked my link to see if anyone was out there and I see your post!

    Im still clean of oxy and suboxone.. day 67.

    I was taking about 4-6 30mg of oxy towards the end if my binge! The withdraws weren't the worst part, and I had gone through them plenty of times.. Took tons of vitamins, baths, heating patches, movies, etc.

    The worst part was prob from day 30-65, when my cravings would take over my mind, change my whole attitude and disposition, etc. It was so hard to get up and work from home and get motivated to go out socially without my pills.

    It got so bad that I started researching kratom. I finally pulled the trigger and bought some yesterday. I drank a cup of tea yesterday and one today and have basically hated the experience! its not very opiate-like.. more or less feels like im on coke which isn't really my thing.. don't really like the feeling..

    Almost makes me really appreciate being clean from oxy and coming this far. I smoke weed everyday.. a hit or two in the morning and at night.. and i guess that and an apple cider at night are enough for the moment.

    I have no connect here so its easy to stay clean off oxy.. if I did have a connect im sure I would have gotten high. IM just hoping that the cravings will subside by day 100 or so, which is when im going home for a visit, and its where I have connections.. Im smart enough to stay away for the long term, but crave a taste recreationally every once in a while.



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