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  1. I have been on and off the $*** since I was 16. I once stayed clean for 2 years and look at me now. Doing this crap again. I could just punch myself.
    Luckily this time I have a little bud and some Neurotin to help me kick this.
    Just want to be done. I'm tired of counting pills. Tired of trying to figure out how I'm going to get more. I've been jailed. I've stolen from my own family and I'm just done with this. I can beat this. I know I can. Day 1 ..I got you beat almost. tmp_22243-11822345_10153071275592475_172901710050860061_n-1244606949.jpg

    About Author

    I'm from Germany but moved to the USA (legally might I add) I'm a Registered Nurse. I work in the ER on the Trauma Team.

    I have an addictive personality .


  1. Hopeless78
    Welcome to DF, congrats on making the decision to quit - I am a week clean off pills myself & I am also a nurse (I work in nenonatal ICU). Just wanted to offer some support & encourgment, I know how fucking hard this is.

    1. Wunderhubsch
      Thank you so much. It's very hard. I really appreciate you reaching out. Very hard going this alone
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