1. Day 17 no heroin and I'm feeling fucking great! What an improvement over this last week.

    My strength has pretty much returned 100% and the depression is gone! I'm loving my new lease of life and spending time with my family and friends again!

    I'm glad my parents know about this now because I can talk about it now, and when I'm feeling down I can got to my mums and talk about it, instead of going to score.

    My mum asked how long it's been now and I could proudly say 17 days! She said well done jake you've done really well and I've noticed a massive improvement I can see the real jake again.... My first son.

    I can't believe I've put my parents through this stress they don't deserve it but now I can start making things right again!

    So here's to a fresh start!

    Take care everyone and to anyone struggling through this, YOU CAN DO IT!

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    A 25 year old male from the UK who goes by the name of mohamedbear


  1. torn2bits
    Awesome man I'm glad ya quit.
    Keep up the positive attitude and you'll sail on to better things
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  2. torn2bits
    Still hanging in there?I figured it couldn't hurt to check on ya.
    I hope life's returning to normal for ya ~ToRn
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  3. Redboy
    Believe it or not things will keep getting better and better. Congratulations from USA
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  4. Mohamedbear
    Cheers everyone yeah I'm still doing well 23 days off it today and feeling better each day still. The best thing about it is spending time with my family and friends again and enjoying my favourite music.

    Thanks for checking in it means a lot! Take care people and peace!
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  5. torn2bits

    It's great to hear your feeling better.
    Music after coming off opiates, I could feel emotion again and I felt human.
    Amazing what Opiates dull down in life.
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  6. Kickingthedemond88
    Dude that's huge, Congrats!

    I remember reading a comment or entry when you were starting this journey. So glad to see you still fighting the good fight! Keep it up, pal!
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  7. Mohamedbear
    Hey cheers mate, yeah I'm still doing alright and have no desire to do heroin again. I'm done with it, it's nothing but bad news.

    I doesn't make you feel good except when you've got a physical dependency and you're going into withdrawal.

    That's the only time it'll make you feel good, any other time it just makes you feel sick and completely ruins your emotions.

    But I don't need to tell you this lol. Just stay well away because heroin only does one thing and that's fuck up your life.... I doesn't matter who you are or how much control you think you might have....

    Cheers for popping in though and nice one for the support it really is appreciated.

    Take care mate and peace
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      You too brother. 44 days clean here
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