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  1. Yes I feel like a bloated balloon.
    I went hiking and did so much better, and felt so much fitter than when Im dosed up. My chest was comfortable, my hands did not puff up, my face was less red.
    But my nose bled.
    Nice to be outside in nature though.
    Then I came home I was bored. My coke cravings were intense and just would not go away. I ate a whole bag of trail mix and got bloated and started feeling very fat. Usually on coke obviously I dont have sugar and fat craving really.
    And now Im really depressed and feel pathetic so, taken 12mh Lexomil and 1mg Xanax to hopefully calm down a bit.
    Sorry to be so depressing this is just the reality of it for me. I hate myself and coke allows me to escape that for a bit.
    Cannot even imagine how to keep this up. The amount of negative feeling in this head of mine is intense.

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    Quite messed up. Body and mind. Not sure if this one can even be saved. But lets try.


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