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  1. Today was a good day, no cravings, able to calm myself and my emotions. Thoughts of the past haven't rented space in my head and I know I made good decisions about what to leave behind and what to keep. This is just one day though and one day at a time is my mantra for the time at hand. I cant wait until morning, the start of a new day...and I can look at myself in the mirror without disgust. I feel like a dusty blanket has been pulled off of me. I have decided to seek help professionally for counseling on some of the things I believe led me to relapse and I am looking forward to that as well.

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    ...the loss of my heart and soul was my rock bottom.


  1. Back2Bett3r
    Dont beat yourself up. I think what makes addicts stronger after recovery is all the times youve hit rock bottom and picked yourself up. i hope this helps you. i applaud anyone who can wake up and be better then they were the day before.
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