Day 4

By Mr Bumble · May 30, 2017 · ·
  1. So another fucker of a day. my idea of getting clean and my girls don't match up. first day I felt almost normal and didn't need to reach for the pill pot.

    Decided I'd aim to get the washing up done andake it to an NA meeting tonight and that would be enough for day 4.

    Well 11am my girl hits the booze again. it starts off fine. We're listing to old music and having a laugh but then she turns on me and to be honest right now I've not got the shortest of fuses and have a habit of coming back at you ten fold, a defect I intend to work on. well after what felt like hours of fighting I packed a bag and left for NA not knowing if I was coming home or to my flat. I call her flat home as I've lived there so long now that it feels that way.

    Well tried calling her after meeting and got know response so went back to my gaff. Then the phone rings, a complete replay of ealier just fighting and getting know where.

    I kept telling her to sleep on it and we'd speak in the morning but that wasn't good enough so ended up blocking her calls.

    So my night gets worse. on the Heroin and morphine I can tolerate wheat, I guess it's something to do with the drugs slowing down digestion or something?

    well off the drugs I can't eat wheat without ending up puking up acid and been eating wheat all day and as I lie down the acid reflux hits me. so know chance of sleep until I puke this acid up.

    it gets worse. not been on Facebook for days and log in and the first post I see is that a buddy of mine was killed in a motorbike accident on holiday. gutted. not my closest friend but a top guy and someone I stayed in contact with just messaging each other shit on fb. Last time I saw him was at a party and he told me of for getting a hand job from his 18 year old sister! fair enough I say. ha nah he was cool. not his real sis just his best friend who was younger than us so he called her his little sister.
    Big love Simon bruv, see you on the night shift. you'll be missed by many.

    So all in all a shit day. but just seen the time so made it to day 5 so that's something. right off to puke up acid.

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    Mr Bumble
    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though


  1. JarvyJarvison
    My condolences, Bumble. It must be very difficult to lose a friend while in withdrawal.
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