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  1. I'm fitting in here pretty well it's like the island of misfit toys & its just like home to me. I'm only on my 6th day & I feel like a part of the family. I get lots of love, hugs & kisses. This gentleman comes up to see his wife & have dinner with her every night & she hasn't a clue where she is who she is or who he is. They have their dinner & he plays the harmonica for her afterwards. It's like a switch all of a sudden she loses that dementia induced look of fear in her eyes. She knows the song she smiles & taps her fingers to the songs. He smothers her with hugs & kisses before he leaves & she loves it. She's like a totally different person for the rest of the night very happy & calm. Thats real love. He absolutely loves her you can see it on his face. I wonder if I will have a love like that? Its not easy working in such a depressing environment. It's so sad to see life... this is life.. this is it? To sit in a facility playing in your own excrement not knowing who the fuck you are...what to do with a toothbrush as your eating napkins & checkers looking for your mother (who's clearly dead cause you're 103)
    I love my job I love what I do I couldn't imagine not doing it. It's my nature, I'm a nurturer, I care, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have these people to take care of. I go to work & they all make me smile & make me feel important. But I tell my family all the time.... don't put me in a facility take me out back & shoot me.
    I had a awesome first half of my night tonight my lunch is over im hoping the 2nd half is as good! Im SO thankful for another day clean & another day alive & kicking. One day at a time.


  1. Loni
    Awesome truly
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