1. Very very shaky but otherwise ok. Its a saturday so i got to lay around for the most part.

    The night of day 6 was very exhausting. My burning restless arms and shoulders kept me up until 3-4am but i was eventually able to sleep until around 930am.

    Now its sunday, day 7. Feel good other than the shakes. No arm burning or restlessness with is an amazing relief that i hope will continue. Im well on my way to a subutex free life and i couldnt be more excited. Hopefully Monday day 8 will be even better especially since duty calls!

    Remember... All things are possible through Christ!

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    Free from the soul killing subutex since 3/4/18
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  1. Coldchicken
    Right on I'm so happy for you. =)
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Thanks so much! I am too! This is day 8 and things seem to be getting better. The burning restless shoulders have gone away. Just suffering from poor energy, shaky weak body and anxiety. I get so wound up its insane! Hope its almost over.
  2. Coldchicken
    did you have a very depressed feeling whie in withdrawal? I cant seem to get past day 2. Do you think i will feel better even if I fucked up most of my life? Is it still worth it for me?
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      The depressing feeling is that soul robbing drug leaving your body. You have to really really want this, more than anything and you have to want it for the right reasons. I tried once for financial purposes and caved on day 5. This time i was fed up, i was tired of how it made me feel and i realized that even a month of feelinh terrible was better than a lifetime of feeling bad and worth it for a lifetime of freedom. Loom forward to hearing from you in PM. Day 9 and still kicking!
    2. Kickingthedemond88
      I forgot to comment on your question is it worth it. YES! the first step to rebuilding your life is getting clean. Everything else will fall into.place once that is done
  3. Reasonable

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you that the restlessness in your shoulders went away. I know you had mentioned it kept you from sleeping for a few days. Hope you recover in energy and strength and have a great day ahead of you. The all things possible through Christ encouragement was right on time. Keep it up!
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    1. Kickingthedemond88
      The burning arms and restless shoulders were the hardest for me. I still have the insomnia but hey i can handle that long as im not in pain. This is the morning of day 9. Its been taking me until around 2-3am to fall asleep because my mind is so clear now that it just races! (Not really a bad thing but frustrating until i learn to handle it). I went to sleep at 3am this morning and the dreaded alarm rang at 530am. Yuck!
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  4. Coldchicken
    Could we possibly PM? You mighjt be able to help me a lot.
    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Absolutely! You will first have to tell me how we do that lol
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