1. So I longed for bed all day but of course with 2 tiny humans I couldn’t just sleep the day away.
    Get the tiny tots to bed tonight and head straight to my bed! Head hits the pillow and my mind goes “oh hello there! Let’s chat” omg fuck off no I don’t want to chat I want to SLEEP!

    I asked my partner to get me some OTC sleeping pills to help tonight.... he brings home a fucking multivitamin! Yeah cheers mate!! That will do absolutely fuck all! I shouldn’t bash him I know but I’m just so cranky at the world rn because I want to go to sleep!

    Oh and the tiniest of humans thought 45 minutes was enough sleep for him. Maaaaate. Reign that shit in, shut your eyes and go to sleep!

    Wish me luck!
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  1. LAC
    Good luck, it's tough being sleep deprived.
    I hope you get a decent rest soon.
    Your doing really well, there is no slacking for us Mum's.
    I'm not managing to get my housework & tidying done
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  2. Coldchicken
    Don't give up, you are doing this and are almost done. Good luck. I can't wait to be where you are at right now. Multivatims won't do any harm.. =)
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  3. torn2bits
    Wishing you rest, it'll strengthen your resolve...TORn
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  4. torn2bits
    How is everything?
    Sleep working out, tell us where your at when time allows.
    . Peace and sleep be with you till morning~Torn
  5. Detoxicity
    I’ve made a new entry with an update of today.
    Thanks for checking in. It is really appreciated!
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