Day 8-1.

By Detoxicity · Feb 13, 2018 · ·
  1. I slept! It took me a while but I finally fell asleep and I slept like a log! Probably 6 hours. Success!
    I feel probably 10x better than yesterday obviously lol. In much better spirits!

    I’m pretty certain I’m now in paws.
    Some rls
    Not full of energy but not feeling sick.

    My only issue today is indigestion which is somewhat unrelated. I get really really chronic indigestion and have to be very careful about what I drink. I’m sure that’s due to my pill abuse. Done some damage to my esophagus.

    Feeling positive guys. Feeling proud of myself. So glad to finally put a positive entry in.
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  1. Peridot13
    Way to go Girlfriend!
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  2. torn2bits
    You Roooock!
    Very cool what sleep does off
    It's great to hear your feeling better in most areas.
    Indigestion is/was hell after withdrawl.
    I took and still take OTC stomach acid reducer at times and they help.
    Once your body is used to eating, absorbing & sleeping I bet most of the indigestion issues solve them selves.
    Keep walking away from it, I'm proud and you've just gotta feel a lil pride in this process that you're accomplishing.
    Still you'll have lil ups and downs, but your doing wonderful. ~ToRn
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  3. LAC
    Awesome!! I'm so happy you got some sleep.
    Your brain must be doing a great job getting back to normal. After detoxes my sleep was always the last thing to get back to normal.
    You've done it!! I hope your very proud of yourself. Being a Mum can be hard enough without adding withdrawals to the mix.
    Back in the day I used to take handfuls of dihydrocodeine which has left me with painful indigestion, acid reflux. My doctor gave me omeprazole & it works perfect. No more stomach issues. I didn't mention substance abuse to the doctor.
    Keep going as you are, your an absolute hero xx
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  4. Detoxicity
    Thanks so much guys! It really is a valuable to have such great support. I am feeling proud! For sure! I know I’m still gonna have some good days and some bad but i KNOW the worst is over.
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  5. torn2bits
    The worst I believe is over for you lil lady.
    Keep trying to increase your protien intake and a lil minor excersise can help.
    . But happy Valentine's day in advance, you LOVED YOURSELF ENOUGH TO QUIT
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  6. Detoxicity
    I actually just started very light cardio this morning in hopes of picking up my energy and getting my body working the way it’s suppose to!
    Haha yes! I certainly did!
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    1. torn2bits
      Your smart, that's how you best a opiate habit.
      Good job on the research and reaching out.
      So many never will, and sadly I fear we will loose loads of them to overdose.
      So your making changes and that's what it's all about.
      Setting a new routine and forgetting your old one that included codiene.
      Keep up the great work.
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  7. Detoxicity
    It’s this forum! And all the wonderful commenters! This is my 4th (and final!!!) detox, until this one I had no idea about paws! I actually thought once the worst part was over it was done! Then that sluggish feeling was just me at my normal! I guess that’s why I went back, looking for that burst of energy I knew it would give me? I don’t know! I’m much more informed and supported this time around. Just an overall much more positive outlook!
    Big part is your ongoing support!
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  8. Peridot13
    God:"I have this wonderful gift I am going to give you; even though I have decided to throw you out of the Garden of Eden and make you suffer outside the gates...I am going to give you one last little compensation for your discomfort; here are some hormones that will make you feel better and take some of the pain away. All you have to do is move around some, and they will help you feel better."
    Me: "No I don't want *them* ones I want THEEEMMME ONES OVER THERE!!"
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  9. torn2bits
    Your doing what I did.I read supported others, realized & I learned what I'd need to do for myself.
    I was bedbound from multiple surgeries and got tired of being "not heard" from a failure in US medical systems.
    So I did my best, stopped cold cussed doctors that attempt to rienstate opiates.
    2 1/2 years later I'm glad I did.
    You will be to.
    Lemme be clear there's times I'm mad as hell, because I probably need a hydrocodone pill, from over doing it with so much skeletal surgery.
    But ya know I think that's my spoiled brain,after all it's what my brain knows will stop pain.
    But I like you was habituated to daily use.
    Breaking every habit upon waking up will help you.
    I used to not get up before taking morphine &Norco.
    Now I wake up get outta bed take my vitamins, and strive to rebuild my life from these surgeries without narcotics.
    I smoke marijuana, But if I stop, I won't feel like I'm gonna die, hot cold sweating in extreme pain, vomiting, sleep , rls.
    That's what'll keep ya straight, noone who endure this, doesn't think about it before going back to a physicaly dependant drug.
    Your doing all the right stuff to succeed. ~ ToRn
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  10. Peridot13
    You sure can't say this stuff on facebook...facebook is the land of happy place for all.
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