Day 9 of cold turkey subutex jump

  1. Feeling pretty darn good! This was the first day of work ive missed simply because my mind was racing all night and i just couldnt fall asleep. I got about 2hrs sleep last night and only about a 30 min nap today. I just laid around watching Longmire all day long and it was awesome lol. By 330pm i had to get up and get moving though as i got pretty stiff laying around all day.

    My stomach is still a little messed up but not terrible, the cold chills have been non existent today, the lethargy i had severely has seemed to cut in half today so over all compared to the dreaded days 2-6 im doing fabulous!

    I feel it wont be but a few more days before im feeling like doing things. As of now there is alot i WANT to do but my energy level has been kicking my butt. I now slowly feel a little energy moving back in. Im no longer sitting around having a pitty party with myself, i am nice and content. The key to this is keeping a positive attitude. Just know these bad feelings do go away and there is a turning point where each day will get better and better.

    Ive been pretty tough throughout this whole thing but i have to give the credit to my higher power. I reconnected with God on this journey and i literally felt him physically pick me up on day 4 or 5 when i was sitting on my couch telling God i was feeling weak. As i was sitting there all hunched over with my elbows on my knees begging for mercy my elbows began to slide along my legs until my back was straight and i was sitting there with the best posture ive ever had. I did not do this, i was not moving. That was the Holy Spirit coming over me and telling me he's got me. The craziest feeling came over me at that point, a feeling that could only be explained as a higher power. Chills ran throughout my entire body then... Bam! I felt about 90% of those awful feelings i was having in that moment leave my body.

    Prayer is a powerful thing to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! All things are possible through Christ!

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  1. Lozzle81
    Well done on getting to day 9! That’s fantastic and it’s surprising how suddenly you can start feeling better isn’t it? You get to a point where you think you’re never going to feel good again and yet within a few short days you feel much further along and better!

    I myself am not religious but I think anything that helps people get through tough times is great! Hopefully you’re done for good now and can inspire others on here suffering with subutex/suboxone addiction!

    High five!
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    1. Kickingthedemond88
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes im done for sure. Would have been done long ago if it weremt for my fear of withdrawl. I have two kids and a wife to support to missing work was never an option. Finally enough was enough! This is day 10, just got home from work and today has been my best day yet!
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    2. Kickingthedemond88
      My pain pill addiction started after a motorcycle wreck at age 17. It got worse until i finally got on subutex atleast 5-6 years ago. Im 29 now so that's alot of my life on opiates. I have not taken anything other than subutex in many many years. I hated the subutex but my fear of being sick for who knows how long kept me on it. Had i known that i would be feeling this good in 10 days i would have done this years ago! It wasnt easy but it was worth it. I feel about 75% today
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