Day 9 without hydrocodone ... better but still no picnic - Part 8

By thespeedofdark · Aug 2, 2012 · ·
  1. Day 13 without hydrocodone for chronic pain - turned the corner!

    Day 13 without hydrocodone for chronic pain - turned the corner!

    Ok, guys, well, I think the shit that comes with stopping hydrocodone is over - somewhere in the last few days I turned the corner and I'm pretty much myself again. I have no WD symptoms any longer and I pretty much feel normal; chronic pain has been fairly well controlled with bits of Zanaflex and some NSAIDs, as well as Lyrica. I wouldn't say this is the ideal pain level for me - it's still a bit too high - but whatever, these things are allowing me to be almost fully functional and that is all a chronic pain patient can ask!

    Interestingly, I have absolutely no craving for opiates AT ALL, so it may be possible that my increased usage may have been more about tolerance and improper expectations than a budding addiction, which was what I was worried about and was what caused me to quit the meds in the first place (well, that and running out of a script early). I figure I'll spend some more time off the hydros anyway to see what that does for me; I am hoping that it will allow me to return to opiates if needed in the future, but at a much lower dose. Hopefully, after my doctor returns from his vacation I can have a discussion with him about the issue and try to move forward with a different pain management plan if needed.

    Thanks for all of your support during the rough patch after quitting those pills - it was a nasty experience and the encouragement I received here really helped me keep on with it :)


  1. CrispCold
    Re: Day 13 without hydrocodone for chronic pain - turned the corner!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!! Hopefully your doctor can find a non-addicting med to help with the pains.
    Keep it up!
  2. missparkles
    Re: Day 13 without hydrocodone for chronic pain - turned the corner!

    You know its quite surprising at just how much pain changes from when we're first prescribed opiates to when we attempt to come off of them and change to something less addictive. The fact that your pain is controlled well enough for you to function, if only just about, is evidence of that. And don't forget that some of the pain you're feeling now is caused by your detox as your pain threshold will be quite low.

    I'm always encouraged and inspired by people just like yourself who are not only brave enough to take that risk, but who are also determined to continue trying to find a drug that is less addictive (than opiates) but that covers the pain well enough for you to have a good life. Well done love, you inspire others to consider that just cuz you have chronic pain doesn't mean a lifetime of opiate use.


    PS. I do just wanna add that if at any time you do need opiates to control your pain (pain does seem to come and go) never be afraid to use them. Its great that you can use less addictive drugs, but never tolerate pain just cuz you wanna continue a pain management regime that contains no strong pain relievers.
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