Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 19

By detoxin momma · Aug 12, 2014 ·
  1. thanks for your support mel and joker.

    im using nothing but Tylenol for pain right complaints other than taking 3 times a day.
    of course,my injury is not that serious at all.its supposed to heal itself,still waiting.

    and yes all my clients have been word of mouth.and none are really strangers friends or family,stuff like that.

    also,ive cleaned threw all 3 of my pregnancies now.all the way to 8 keeps me from getting huge,lol...
    the first 2 I was with a commercial company.
    this is harder because its all on me.
    but its also easier because ive developed a personal relationship with all of them by now.

    I have 12 homes all together.some are once a week,some are twice a month,and some are just on call.

    I do have days where I start to feel sorry for myself.days where im just so tired and aching muscles and all I want to do is lay on the couch and get fat.

    but,ive been unemployed before.when I was raising our first 2 babies.and I hated it.
    I cant stand to ask for money to buy things.
    as much as my husband would prefer for me to completely reliant on him I know better.thats not me.and he understands.

    ive been working full time since I was 16.quit school and went to straight to work.and im not talking little part time jobs.i always end up with jobs where I get taken advantage of.

    when I met him I was working at a 7-11.
    50 hours a week.and I was only 18.
    I let the owner bullshit me into going on a 18 I thought that was a compliment.
    hell no.just means I cant get overtime.shithead.

    that's the way its always went for me.

    I started working for myself like 5 years ago.theres pros and cons.

    I saw my brother and his girl yesterday.she looks absolutely terrible.completely puffed up and swollen in the face.
    I felt so felt like everything we talked about was kids going back to school and so and so is pregnant to and blah blah blah.i could see it in her eyes that she just wanted to cry.i didn't know what to say so I just told her,hey,theres always next time.

    anyways,i just realized I wrote a blog about how I got addicted to tramadol awhile back.i do believe its safe to say I can delete that now.
    that doesn't matter anymore.

    but im closing in on the day where I would refill,and still have most the bottle!!!wooohoooo,first time I ever said that.
    and im wondering if I should refill just because I can,or not.
    I might want them one day.

    not to mention my friend I got hooked,she'd love to have them.

    she needs pain relief more than I ever did.fell off the front of her boat last summer and landed on the boat trailer right in the middle of her spine!never been the same since and she has no insurance.ive always shared anything I get with her.

    so yeah.will be interesting to see if I refill or so used to not having insurance I feel like I should get whatever I can while I can.never know what the future holds.

    letting that prescription expire out scares me.especially if its all on me.


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