Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 20

By detoxin momma · Aug 16, 2014 ·
  1. its to the point here where I don't even want to turn on the TV.
    all that's being talked about for a week now is these damn riots and protesters.

    theres been so much drama.

    one day its the new black panther party trying to take over the situation.
    next day the naacp.
    then they bring in Al Sharpten.martin luther king III.Jesse Jackson,and so on and so on.

    yesterday the name of the officer that shot the guy was released.
    also the surveillance video of the store the guy robbed,minutes before he was shot.

    the people were all acting like this was some harmless innocent 18 year old that got murdered for no reason.
    not the case at all.
    the video showed him taking things and pushing the owner of the store.
    doesn't sound to innocent to me.

    so last night the mobs broke into that store and looted it.

    no surprise really.

    when you've got 200 angry people being met with tear gas and rubber bullets of course there going to revolt.its like fighting fire with fire.not smart.

    even president Obama has addressed this situation saying that the police are handling things all wrong and the people have a right to peaceful protest.
    but their not being peaceful.
    people holding up traffic and screaming and robbing whatever they feel like is not peaceful.

    this neighborhood is pretty much ruined now.even the poor kids have had to delay starting school.

    don't these people realize that they are making the situation so much worse than needs be!?
    and theyre giving themselves a bad name,making themselves look like idiots!
    and they are.dont they have homes to run?

    people are standing around yelling and protesting with babies and toddlers running around!
    its so retarded.just let it go already!

    anyways,watching the news right now and getting so tired of hearing about it.
    I feel like we all should just ignore these angry mobs and they'll get bored.
    if we keep bringing all the damn news down there and showing them all on tv of course their going to keep going at it.
    nothing else to do obviously.
    its pitiful.

    I cant help but think about how this will effect the marijuana laws.
    because if we had any dispensaries you better believe that'd of been the first places looted.
    these people are stealing fake hair,rims,shoes,and electronics...weed would of been hit right off the bat.

    also,these people are so dumb their going straight to the internet and selling all their"loot"
    laugh my fricken ass off.
    police have been able to recover some of the items just from this.
    even the guy that stole the ONE 30 inch rim got busted from posting it on line!!!

    im almost embarrassed to live here right now.
    everyone knows that St.Louis Missouri has one of the highest crime rates in the nation,but this is crazy and getting very out of hand.

    anyways,nothing else to update on right now.all this chaos is making me very anxious.
    still no pills other than Tylenol and vitamins.
    all the stress almost had me take a klonopin the other day.but I didn't.
    almost bought cigarettes to but I didn't.

    gotta stay strong and not let other peoples problems influence my decisions.
    not easy,but I know the guilt of caving in isn't worth it.

    tata for now....


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