Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 23

By detoxin momma · Sep 2, 2014 · ·
  1. thanks for being so supportive and understanding BT2H...

    I gave my last 3 tramadols to my friend yesterday.
    she asked me if I had any and im like,here just take all 3.i'm done with em.

    I started a poll about ecigs.
    I'm hoping to hear something that will remind me of why I was so determined to quit in the first place.

    at first I wanted to help motivate my husband with his quitting drinking.
    but he hasn't drank since January and has no desire,thankfully.

    he knows I have been smoking,and he doesn't gripe.kinda wish he would though.
    he tells me not to beat myself up over tramadol to.says the doctor wouldn't let me have it if I was doing harm.

    but im not positive about that.

    I have 2 instances where I know the cigarettes didn't hurt anything,but the tramadol not so much.their a new habit compared to smoking.

    so,i really messed up buying goal now is to find that frame of mind again,where I hated cigarettes.
    sure is hard when you see them everywhere you look.


  1. flowertongue666

    On smoking: a large portion of your thread was devoted to your fears on the impact that any drug use on your part might impact your developing child. Cigarettes have been shown to impact fetal development. Carbon monoxide limits the amount of oxygen that the fetus has to work with to carry out the basic metabolic functions of life (oxidize sugars and fats to make energy to build new tissue). Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which basically means you are reducing the amount of blood that gets from your body to the placenta to the fetus, which further reduces the amount of oxygen the fetus is getting.

    There are a lot of harms that people attribute to smoking which are purely hysterical, but I think the issues related to fetal development are pretty well established. Millions of people smoke while pregnant without major complications, but why take the risk? Casual smoking would be better. At least for myself, 'casual smoking' has never been an option (I smoke 2 packs a day and have ruptured both lungs due to trauma at a younger age. It's hard to remember all the benefits I will get from not smoking when I'm trying to quit). You can always smoke after a baby is born, and smoke outside to limit the exposure s/he gets. Right now the only way you can protect it from your actions is to not smoke.

    I casually have followed this thread- so I'll probably keep checking in on this thread in the future. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight!
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