Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 25

By detoxin momma · Sep 12, 2014 · ·
  1. i must admit im scared to look at the pictures!!
    but I will.

    ive complained of ear issues for about 2 months,and been told its just drainage.
    went into my doctor Monday because one started throbbing so bad I couldn't sleep.

    now its infected,she said its almost as bad as swimmers ear,the infection traveling into the ear canal and not just the eardrum.

    taking 1600mgs of penicillin a day now.
    so now im taking a massive sized vitamin AND a massive sized antibiotic.ugghh.

    and yeah,i do feel like im at that sloppy looking stage.look like I have a beer gut lol..and jeans definatly don't fit.

    ive gained 20 pounds already.but I feel like a lot of it is because I had a drastic weight drop at the beginning of the year when I detoxed THC.

    we find out the gender next Tuesday the husband is extremely excited.i'm more nervous.
    I'm going to let the kids miss school that day and come along with us.we think their old enough to appreciate the experience.
    and I want them to feel like we're all in this together.their hoping for a boy,but can't really give a good answer to why they lean that way.
    everyone keeps asking what I want to have,and I really don't feel more either way.just healthy is all that matters to me.
    I'm sure I'd feel differently if I didn't have one of each.
    plus,im afraid if I lean one way i'll end up with the this way I cant be disappointed.

    but,a friend brought me gobs of little girl stuff.everything you'd need for the first year.
    so we are more prepared for a girl.

    anyways,it was my birthday yesterday.feeling too old to be pregnant.
    and 9-11 has become a terrible day to be born on.all you see on TV all day is tragic stories of the trade center bombings.
    and everyone says,aww man what a bummer birthday.....
    that day was my 19th birthday.
    time flies when youre having fun lol..

    my 'mother'keeps calling me late at night,when we're already in bed,drunk of course.leaving long rambling soon as I hear the voice I just press delete so I don't have to start my day with her BS.
    if she really wanted to talk she'd call at a decent hour,sober.
    this is nothing new.i think I'm gonna block the number.

    the law has just passed that you can get medical marijuana in Illinois now!their our sister state,so I have no doubt we'll be right behind them
    just cant help but wonder how the whole 'crisis in ferguson' event will effect us.i don't see how it couldn't.
    our city is very unpredictable right now.people going on shooting sprees every damn night it seems like.

    just the other day I get up,turn on the news,and 5 people were shot over night.and its happening pretty much every night.
    their screwing us all,and really setting their kids up to struggle even more than they do,if you ask me.

    anyway,gonna check out the pictures hippie posted now.kinda scared lol...


  1. DeepGreenSea
    Just out of curiosity...who is "they"?
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