Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 29

By detoxin momma · Sep 22, 2014 ·
  1. well i didn't go to the doctor yesterday.
    I wound up googling home remedies for pregnancy induced sciatica to.

    hubby was very helpful with the icy hot rub and back massager.
    I still have the voltaren rub from my leg injury I used to.
    not a complete fix but definatly a bit better.

    I also made sure to only lay on the opposite side when I of right now that seems to of helped to.
    my next appointment if im still hurting I want that shot!
    my old lady neighbor I took care of was getting one like every other month for the last year of her life.
    I have a whole new respect for what she went threw now.
    hopefully it wont flare up this week while im working.

    I STILL haven't told half the people I work for im pregnant.
    the other half know only because my husband told them.

    not that its that unnoticeable,i just don't even have to see most these people.
    I either have a key to their house or they leave one outside.and they've already went to work when I come and go.
    our discussions are done threw notes and texts.this week I have got to tell them.
    because im starting to feel like I may need to slow down and take it more easy on myself.
    unless I get a shot and that takes the pressure off of course.

    plus,im afraid if I give up and start being more lazy now I will get really out of shape,just making it even harder to have a normal delivery.

    last checkup I had the"do you want another C-section"talk with my doctor.
    hell no of course I don't!
    but sometimes its out of our hands,as my first born was.
    after that experience I will do whatever I can to avoid that again.

    twice as long the hospital stay,and twice as long the recovery.not to mention the damned drugs for thanks.
    push push push then go home.i'm praying that's the way it goes down.
    when you've done it both ways its hard not to worry and imagine the worst.

    I had a full blown panic attack was so bad my shoulders hurt all day from how tense I got.
    I wound up taking half a klonopin.
    I kept hearing"only if the benefits outweigh the risks"in my head.and I felt like it was necessary.
    and it did help,i felt calm the rest of the day,no tight chest and no gasping for air.
    damn it anyways.

    ive had that bottle of klonopin since I got it prescribed in june,and its still full.
    so im sure theres no harm done.ive took it like 5 times in almost 4 months.
    I still have about 200 of the hydroxyzine to,but that just knocks me out completely so that's a last resort.
    a last resort I haven't had to turn to thankfully.i only refill it because I can and I always feel like ya never know,i may need it.

    anyways,heres to a better day than yesterday.


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