Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 31

By detoxin momma · Oct 3, 2014 · ·
  1. well,there is no way to sugar coat what has happened to me the last 2 days so here goes.

    I just spent 36 hours in the hospital.
    and I really didn't get any definite answers to why.

    Wednesday night about 10 pm I blacked out in my kitchen,fell flat on my back,hit my head,and hurt my knee and foot in the process of falling.

    it was the scariest thing that's happened to me so far in life.because I don't even know why.

    I was sitting on the couch then got up to walk into the kitchen and take my vitamin before I went to bed.
    as I reached for them I instantly felt like I was going to throwup.
    I thought to myself,man I am really dizzy and nauseated all of a sudden I gotta go to bed.
    then it was like I was in a tunnel going backwards,seeing the light fade away.

    next thing I knew I was calling to my husband grasping the back of my head.
    I was asking myself in my head,what the fuck are you doing on the ground.

    I kept saying to him"something just happened to me"as I scooted back towards the couch.
    there was a massive knot on the back of my head, my husband said he could see it very obviously.
    I could barely see straight and had extreme thirst.

    I apparently landed on my knee,and twisted my 2 little toes before I landed on my back.

    he called my parents who got the kids and we went to the ER.

    when he signed me in he wrote down seizure and concussion as chief complaints.

    they xrayed my foot and knee,which are obviously banged up and bruised.the headache I had,and still kinda have were unbelievable.

    I got admitted into a room almost instantly.

    I got bloodwork done right away.normal.
    I had to wear some kinda heart monitor the whole time I was there.and I was on an IV the whole time to.
    lots of blood pressure checks,and listening to the babies heart.all normal.

    when morning came I was ready to go home,but they kept telling me they had no answers yet.
    my biggest complaint was my headache and feeling like I had a helicopter in my head.even still do a little.

    they ruled out any heart problems,a UTI,which apparently can make you faint,and any infections.

    by noontime I was at my wits end.i did not want my kids going another day with me not there to take care of them.
    I assured the doctor that if anything felt unusual I would come back.

    they discharged me with a diagnosis of"syncope:a sudden,temporary loss of consciousness,followed by a fall from sitting or standing position"

    they believe as I went from sitting to standing too quickly it caused a drop in blood pressure causing me to pass out.

    I have no choice but to go with that.
    I have no obvious health problems going on.

    also I have a concussion.or had,im recovering.
    I have to rest and take it easy for a few days minimum.
    not easy for a person like me.

    my knee and toes are very sore but nothings broke.

    so,here I am with a ringing in my head and headache like the worst hangover ever.
    taking Tylenol every 6 hours.

    no medications were prescribed because everythings fine.
    that's the scary part.not really knowing what happened.

    I do know I have never felt so helpless and vulnerable.just going near the spot I fell makes me uneasy,nervous even.

    I cant help but worry what if that happened when I was driving,or with the kids in the car.

    I have a whole new respect for what people with epilepsy go threw.cant imagine knowing that this could happen at anytime,anywhere.

    and that's what my husband keeps mentioning.
    when I didn't want to stay at the hospital he kept telling me,you could really really hurt yourself if that happened lucky it was just the floor I hit.

    anyways,i feel a liitle slowed down, I have to triple check everything im typing.
    so this took me a damn long time to confess.

    I was told that even surfing the internet when recovering from a concussion can be too stressful on the brain,but im doing it just fine.little slower,but I guess that can be expected.

    hopefully next journal update will be all positive.
    takes a lot to knock me down.even this I wont let slow me down.
    until Monday anyways,better safe than sorry.
    then its back to daily grind.

    until then i'll be in my pj's on the couch.
    doctors orders,lol...


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Oh, my poor, dear girl--how awful--and terrifying!

    I don't know if this shines any light on the subject, but when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I was coming out of the pharmacy on a hot day and felt light-headed. I managed to get into my car, then passed out onto the steering wheel.

    I was all alone and had no choice but to drive myself home, after sitting there for a good half hour, contemplating what I should do next. All the way home (a total of 2 miles), I was scared shitless that if the same thing happened again I might drive up the sidewalk and hit a telephone poll or, God forbid, a pedestrian (which there weren't many of since it was a rural area, lol).

    I decided to tell no one, because I didn't want my mother's and father's normal level of hysteria to kick in. My husband was at work and I had no intention of bothering him. I was all of 19 years old and thought that keeping it to myself was my best bet.

    Lucky for me, it never happened again--then or during any of my proceeding pregnancies. Or after. I have to believe, like you, it was from moving too quickly under the strain of carrying a child.

    What a horrible experience. Hopefully it's just "one of those things," like it was for me. Please stay on the couch in your jammies and do anything at all to keep your hyper self (again like me) settled and entertained (not easy to do). Your poor husband is also probably scared to death, and may be a bit overly protective for a while, which is understanable. Nice time to get that extra cuddling and back-rubbing that comes with a husband's concern ;).

    I'll be looking forward to seeing how you feel over the next few days. Please keep us posted. Sorry for all the bunks and bangs you suffered, but so, so glad you're basically sound. :)

    Thinking of you-

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