Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 32

By detoxin momma · Oct 4, 2014 · ·
  1. thanks really glad to hear this is something that can happen just one time.

    and ive had a lot of time to replay the whole experience,and I do believe it was just one of those things...

    its not unusual for me to get lightheaded.
    ya know when you get to moving around and you start to see those little lights that look like fire flies dancing all around in your eyesight,this was just a more intense version of that.

    if I wouldn't have hit my head like I did it would have been nothing.

    I feel like I have whiplash in my neck.
    ive never been in a bad car crash or anything to get whiplash,but I imagine this is how it would feel.
    and my head still hurts where the bump is,and my knee is pretty sore to.

    other than that I feel just fine.

    I have to admit I definatly worried about all the seizure talk you hear about tramadol.
    I went from taking it everyday to taking it 3 times in 2 months.
    I don't know if that's how it happens,i always thought too much tramadol caused it.
    after this happened I wondered if tramadol isn't intended for occasional use.

    im hoping im wrong but its definatly a thought ive had.

    also,something I didn't tell the doctors was I had a half a 750mg vicodin that day.
    I don't really know why I did that.
    my backs been hurting me pretty bad and my husbands little sidekick worker is always offering them up.
    ive always passed,but this day I took some.
    but,that was at like 8 am and I fell at 10 pm,so that's probably irrelevant,but its the only thing I did differently than I always do.

    I told the doctors I had used pain pills a few times since it would show in my system anyway,just didn't say I did that day because I didn't want them to assume that was the problem,because I don't believe it was.

    since ive experienced this I have vowed to myself to never take a pain pill other than Tylenol again.
    I don't know if theres any relation,but I figure I'm better off anyway.

    ive even thought far ahead to worst case scenario of another C-section,i will ask for liquid motrin instead of pills.

    I smoke pot,that should be the only thing I do.
    that's how I used to be,and somewhere over the last decade I started messing with pills.
    and ive had enough.

    not that ive ever taken a lot of anything,but I have had some form of opiates in my system for a few years now,and im officially ready to put it all behind me.
    I don't need to be doing anything that isn't necessary.

    the weed is bad enough I feel sometimes,and im leaving it at that.
    shame it took a concussion to scare me straight.

    again BT2H,thank you for the reassurance.


  1. AKA_freckles
    Hey DM- When I was pregnant with my 3rd and 4th babies, I had something similar happen, not completely blacking out like you did, but similar. When you mentioned the little lights, it convinced me. It turns out that I was having serious migraines, but without pain, and that is what I think you had. They are called 'silent migraines'(or ocular or painless) and they are no joke. Did you tell the ER about the sparkles/lights? Those were most likely a migraine aura. I couldn't even see, mine got so bad. And I was wiped out for a day or two after achone. It happened while I was driving once, but I had enough warning to find a safe spot to pull over.

    I think you should research them and see if they fit your experience.
    Take care, and please don't blame yourself.
    You are a great mama to your 'inside' and your 'outside' kids lol.
  2. chupamivergaguey
    I seem to be late to this conversation but I readily identified with much of the original post. Over a year and a half ago, after almost a decade of pulling out and wiping up with some toilet paper or a sock, it turns out my wife was feeling sick in the mornings because she was pregnant. Around that time she was just getting back to "normal" after a bipolar episode that left her mildly and temporarily retarded for a couple of months. She was only on seroquel at the time, which has a good track record with pregnancy, so there was no abrupt cessation of meds.

    Around the time the kid was born we moved to a small town from the big city we lived in. Things were fine for a month or two, until postpartum depression kicked in and she had another bipolar episode that again left her retarded and hospitalized for a couple of months and me a single parent of 2.5. She emerged with a whole new repertoire of meds: seroquel, latuda, depakote, clonazepam, and birth control. The past 9 months she's been sleeping about 16-18 hours per day and only recently dropped down to about 10 and is becoming more active, trying to build a business and such.

    Now I'm rambling -- where was I going with this? Oh yeah -- just wanted to say we're a little bit ahead of your schedule but also dealt with a miracle "virgin" birth, meds, drugs, and all the stuff that makes us human like yourself.

    Sounds like your hospital/concussion thing were terrifying. I hate those places -- and any organization -- that can screw whomever it wants to with no repercussions. Anyways, I'm glad I caught your post about the surprise pregnancy. I know how that kind of surprise feels, especially with the siren songs of various substances going on, meds, and all the stuff that comes with all the above. Best wishes!
  3. Kitts
    Hi Momma, sorry you had such a horrible experience.

    A friend of mine had a similar scary experience; one minute she was standing up, the next she was lying on the floor trying to figure out what had happened. Similarly to you, she had a head injury from the fall. The hospital said that possibly it was low blood pressure/blood pressure change upon rising, but there was also a question of whether she was dehydrated. She was told to up her intake of water and so far all has been well.

    I just though perhaps another tale of a one-off event could help to reassure you further, and that perhaps the hydration factor may be relevant for you.

    Sending warmest wishes,
    Kitts :vibes:
  4. Beenthere2Hippie
    As the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason...head bump and all, lol.
    Thank God nothing worse than a bumped head, temporarily mangled toes and some down-time on the couch are payment for the lesson that you've learned: don't mess around with pills. Leave them for times when they are doctor-ordered only and things will be better all the way around. Lesson waaay learned.

    How are you feeling today? Getting back your strength and your sense of humor?
    How's the husband and kids (and dogs and cats, he he) handling mom being couch-ridden? When do you get to go back to work?

    So glad things are seem to be sorted out. Though as both Freckles and Kitss have mentioned, do keep a mental log of your dizzy spells (or fairy lights, as you put it--love that analogy) and keep hydrated as much as possible. Also (being the hyper, gotta be there yesterday type much like me) do remind yourself not to jump up and go quite as fast as you usually do. I'm sure that the extra strain the baby presents on your body also plays into this whole last episode.

    Signing out, doctor Beenthere (right...) :vibes:

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