Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 42

By detoxin momma · Nov 1, 2014 · ·
  1. I had a very busy last few days.
    cleaned townhouses in 3 days.bodies killing me.when I clean these townhouses I haul my 50 pound Kirby vacuum around with me,and I onestly never noticed how heavy that damn thing is til recently.

    the pay for doing these is almost double for doing an individuals home,so I hate to give this up,or share,because just 2 is sufficient income for me for the entire week.

    but,when the mind is willing and the body isn't able,what can you do.its only a matter of time before I have to pass these on to.
    I was just asked by my lawyer,who ive cleaned for off and on for 10 years,if I plan to get my customers back.and I really don't know.havent thought that far ahead.
    I feel like I don't want to be spread too thin,and once I have a newborn I want that to be my only job.
    things will be much tighter financially,but that's life.

    I'm right around 27 weeks,have to look at the calendar to be exact.due February 7th.
    hopefully this will go like my other 2.
    both due july 18th,both born july 16th.trippy huh.
    can't tell ya how many times ive heard,"maam,you wrote the same birthdate for these kids"(except year)
    and im like,i know that's how it happened lol...kinda runs in my brother was born on my fathers bday to.crazier things have happened.

    always felt kinda bad for my son.hes never had a day that was just for him...always had a joint bday party.

    speaking of joint, I haven't completely stopped.havent sat down and used my onehitter or bowl.but my dad stopped in with a joint yesterday and I shared it with him.

    so ive cut back a lot.not that I used a lot,but its still a work in progress.i did go 2 days without tho.
    so im working on it still.maybe todays the day.

    as for holidays,yeah its a big deal.i let a friend take my kids trick or treating last nite with her and her son.first time in 11 years ive not went,but I just wasn't feeling the walking around at all.

    for Christmas and thanksgiving I always get both sides pulling at us.

    my older step sister wants to do thanksgiving at her new big house.
    and my husbands older sister wants it at her house.
    same shit every year.which side of the family are we gonna go to.

    so,my sister in law has agreed to do it the next day.that way everyone can do both and no one gets hurt.
    makes for a lot of traveling,but the kids need to see allllll their cousins ya know.everyones so spread 2 hours apart,both ways.....ughh

    im trying not to think about Christmas yet.but my husband wants us to go do the lay away thing at walmart and get started now.he's probably right.

    about my husband.yesterday was a joke!he had 2 teeth pulled.the dentist writes him a prescription for vicoden.hes not a fan either.
    so he says,"how about some tramadol?"
    "tramadol!?you don't want that.get this instead.its much better"

    its some shit we've never heard of....meperidinc hcl(cant really read his writing)
    we go to the pharmacy where they call us over the intercom and say"you're gonna have a hard time finding this"
    so we go to another pharmacy where they say,"we have it but not this many,and we can't portion out"
    "what is it?"i ask....demerall(spelling?)

    so we end up coming home with nothing because we had kids about to get home off the bus.
    that's what he gets for asking for tramadol lol...he likes that to.

    so today he plans to take this hand written script back and just get the vicoden.he went to bed taking diclofenac and with an icepack on his cheek,poor guy.

    of all the drugs ive googled for pregnancy its the only one ive saw is class D.damn shame because I bet it'd help with my pains.....grrr

    speaking of that,i get home Thursday to a message from my physical therapist saying ive been approved for 8 more visits!!awesome.
    I was shocked,but aint complaining,not what I was told when I first got there..its undeniable how much it helped im thrilled to go back.scheduled them twice a week all this month.woohoo.

    makes for an even more hectic week,but I need it.
    anyways,thanks to everyone for their truly does help me stay more positive to hear others share their stories and to understand my feelings.

    BT2H,my heart goes out to you over your Alex.
    I hope eventually you'll be able to open your arms to another cat.
    I sure do miss my Mustafa,noone could ever replace him.
    but our home just isn't complete without a cat,or 2,walking around.
    somewhere theres one waiting for you to find it,and the sooner the better.....hugs...


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    You're not alone in the lack of inspiration for the holidays, Momma. I see them coming right in front of me and cannot manage to get my head around doing anything at the moment, except pulling down the pumpkins, which, at the moment, is enough for me.

    Thanksgiving isn't bad, but Christmas is a huge pain in the ass. I love the holiday, but each year a little less. Once the kids are grown, it's not about Christmas anymore; it's about buying as many presents for others as you can. And it always seems to me that the silly presents you can afford to give your relatives are never what you'd really like to give them, after all. But if you bought all the people on your list what they'd really like and you'd really like to give them, you'd be in debt for years to come. Depressing.

    Funny, but as the lights for the house are being pulled out of the box, I'm already worrying about getting them stored properly again for next year. I think the holiday fairy needs to visit me so I can have an adjustment of attitude of sorts.

    Please do take it easy with the vacuum and other heavy objects. Please remind your head that your body is not up to Olympic events at present, but will be ready for such again not too long from now, if the head will remain patient and try its best to wait for the body to catch up. : )

    Maybe between the two of us we can again muster up the old holiday spirit and we can split it, huh? Sound good? We'll get each other pumped up for the holidays and maybe we can rise to the occasion again and get through it? Fair enough?

    Will DM you a bit later.

    The Best to You and Yours Always-

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