Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 46

By detoxin momma · Nov 8, 2014 · ·
  1. terrible day yesterday.
    a week before Halloween I bought a ton of candy to make treat bags for the kids classroom parties.
    I had a bit of those cry baby gumballs left over.
    one night I got up in the middle of the night,like I always do,and ate one.fell back to sleep with it in my mouth!
    no big deal right,wrong!i lost a filling in a tooth.i thought I did,i could feel it.

    so yesterday I went to the dentist,thinking I was just gonna get a simple filling.
    wrong again.he said it now needs a root canal,which cost $725!!
    and I don't have dental insurance.
    so I wound up paying 160 bucks for a temporary filling.and promising him I'd come back asap to get the root canal.
    so that means its gonna cost me almost $900 to save just one tooth!!
    im really stressing over this.i cant see ever being able to afford spending that kinda money on just one tooth.
    if it were a molar I'd of just said pull it out,but its closer to the front and im afraid if I lose it it will be noticeable.
    im am so pissed at myself for eating the damn gum like that.what a fricken expensive mistake to make.
    im also surprised how much it really didn't hurt before,it was just sharp.but after he drilled it out and put this temporary filling in,it hurts terribly.

    enough so he thought hydrocodone was necessary.

    I didn't take any til I went to bed because just the novacaine was enough I didn't feel it for hours.

    so here I am with these painkillers,and thinking my OB is an asshole for not giving me any for my other pains.

    im debating if im even gonna tell the OB at my next checkup,in 10 days.
    how long does it stay in your system?

    im at zero tolerance for any pain meds,been taking nothing but Tylenol for quite a im breaking these vicodins in half.seems to do the trick for my tooth pain.
    but,i'll admit im leary about this,i don't want to develop a liking for these things.i know how popular they are.

    I don't have any point,just venting.
    ive tried to treat this journal as if I were sitting alone writing in a diary noone would see.
    otherwise whats the point of having a journal.
    that's how I look at it....

    actually glad I got a little"aid" for pain.given to me for a tooth,but my back sure does hurt today.had a lot of work this week.
    and today my son and I are doing the 'scouting for food'with his cub scout pack.
    we have to walk around for 2 hours tying empty grocery bags on peoples doors for food donations.
    gets him his 'good citizen'badge....
    plus,its 40 degrees and windy as hell outside!
    I need all the help I can get....

    heres to a pain free day.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Hey Momma-

    I so know how you fee about the tooth expense but please keep in mind that if you lose that tooth, all the teeth around the space created if you pull the tooth would make the remaining teeth separate and you will more than notice the missing tooth in a year or so when the teeth spread.

    Here is the name of a company that works with most everyone (and dentists too) to get prices down as low as possible and to let you slowly pay off your dental, doctor and vet bills.

    Care Credit:

    Check it out. I've been using it for years. Make sure your dentist accepts it, and get it. It's cheap and helps a lot on paying off dental, medical and vet bills that are unexpected.

    Do hope life stops sending you lemons soon, Dear Momma. I'm here in your corner still.

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