Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 48

By detoxin momma · Nov 15, 2014 · ·
  1. hell its been an awful week for me,physically.

    during the middle of the week my baby turned herself around and got positioned into ready to be born stage,lol...
    it took 2 days of me being miserable for her to finish the transition.i could feel her turning herself around literally.i felt incredibly tight as she went from being up in my abdomen to going lower down.

    the kicks and movements went from being above my belly button to being down closer to my pelvis.
    I feel much much better now that shes sitting lower.

    also,as of yesterday,when I can feel that shes much lower,i started nesting severely.i pulled every single thing out of our bedroom,vacuumed every nook and cranny,wiped every single thing off with disinfecting wipes,and put all the little dust collecting knick knacks away elsewhere.

    her dresser is stocked and ready to go.tons of clothes,a good start on wipes and diapers,blankets etc...crib setup but im waiting a little longer for sheets and whatnot.I feel prepared now.
    in about a month im shampooing the carpets.

    it feels great,but also a reality running out of time.and my husband knows it.he keeps cracking jokes about getting all the sex he can while he can,lol...and hes right.
    this isn't our first rodeo and he knows once baby comes i'll have no desire.

    he also thinks having loads of sex now will decrease my chances of another c section.he could be right,but its just an excuse probably....
    he says he cant help it,something about being pregnant is driving him wild he says.
    i'll be standing there doing dishes and I turn around to him literally grasping his crotch and says,lets get naked!

    it is comforting,because I sure don't feel sexy,so i appreciate the ego boost for sure.

    im lucky I suppose.hes a good guy.and hes even more excited than I am.i cant imagine if I were all alone during this time.his support and enthusiasm are very reassuring for me.and I need that right now.

    its incredible how strong this little one is already.i can feel every kick and turn she makes.some are even visible.
    for some reason ive started thinking im not gonna make it to February 7th.i have January 20th on my mind,like I think its going to be around then.
    I have no idea why I think this,i just do.
    so,i hope im ready to be done.

    when I think about the dates it seems so far off still.but I sure don't feel like im gonna last that long.
    time will tell,but I hope im right!
    can't wait to hold her, and see my husbands blushing face when he gets to hold her to.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    It's not good to know you've been so uncomfortable, but so nice to hear of your nesting instinct projects. I so remember that feeling. It's a reassuring feeling that comes with knowing you've given a chore your all.

    Your husband does sound like a wonderful guy, and a good man to have children with. You are a lucky lady in that he finds you sexy and is looking forward to whatever life holds for you two. That's pretty great all by itself.

    And the time will pass faster than you think, but you know that. Once two weeks from Thanksgiving rolls around and you're up to your eyeballs in holiday commitments, school programs and getting ready for the other two holidays coming right after, you will be glad to have the time to carry your baby quietly before you have to add her to the mix of juggling to-dos and obligations. When you look back, that is.

    I am looking forward to seeing what this little girl looks likes as well. It will be a very lovely time indeed--once all the prep work is done, that is.

    Do keep telling us of your pregnancy and life. You're doing marvelously, and things will work out fine.
  2. lostlygirl
    Hi detoxing momma,

    I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with your journal. What an amazing story and your life is a testament to how strong and beautiful a person you are. You were able to take a really crappy childhood and turn it into something amazing. Very few people are able to overcome that level of dysfunction without it affecting them forever. I am truly impressed with your resolve and think you are an amazing mother.

    Congratulations on your third! I have six, and my first two were also born on the same day two years apart. My oldest is now 19 and my youngest 10. They grow up fast, but I must say I hated being pregnant. Others would say how much they loved it and I just thought it was miserable, lol! I was always so much happier when the babies were born and I had my body back.

    I think that maybe you should see if you can find a different Psychologist. That he wants you on so many medications and will not see you when you are pregnant has soooo many red flags all over it. I wouldn't trust him, he seems to be incredibly self centered and only interested in what he can prescribe for you.

    I would seriously question whether you have any disorders that are bad enough to warrent medications. Pregnancy hormones can seriously mess with our bodies and minds, and can mimic and exaggerate all kinds of issues. I would consider waiting at least six months after your baby is born before considering any type of medications. That will give your body time to return to normal. I hate to say this but I think your psychologist is looking for a patient he can have forever. Not because that is necessary good for you, but because it's good for the bottom line. You just seem really well rounded and grounded to me.

    I ruptured my disk with my third child. If that's what you have it's miserable. Sciatica can feel exactly the same, then with a root canal as! Not fun days. I am just really impressed with the way you handle everything.

    Best wishes & thanks for sharing :), you really are an amazing person!
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