Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 53

By detoxin momma · Nov 29, 2014 · ·
  1. yes,sadly I have tramadol cravings.i don't know where they come from.

    I have days where I come home after cleaning someones house,making it all shiny perfect,to a sink full of dishes,and I think,if only I had a tramadol I'd still have all the energy I need to do my own house now!

    or an activity for the kids,like scouting for food,or a soccer game,and I just don't feel up to it.and I think,if only I had a tramadol I'd be all perky and everyone would be better off.

    I dont know if im gonna go back on.havent day I think definatly so,i miss that pep in my step.

    one day I think I'd be a fool to go back to that life where im counting pills.

    so I don't know yet,time will tell.

    as if I haven't had enough turmoil lately,yesterday was the icing on the cake.

    we live close to a busy 60 mph 2 lane hwy.its a country setting with a 3 acre yard,but still close to the hwy.

    as I came up the road about to pull into the driveway I saw what I thought was a skunk dead on the side of the road.
    as I drove past it my heart sunk,it wasn't a skunk,it was baby 6 month old cat!!
    I cant even believe im saying this.
    I just lost my dog on this damn hwy a few months ago.

    I pulled over and walked to him and fell to my knees.gimme a fuckin break.i loved that cat.he was so sweet.

    I tried to keep them inside,but I found them in the wild and they just always wanted out to hunt.catching mice and moles in the yard everyday.

    I still have his sister.but she just isn't the same.
    Felix was absolutely beautiful.i knew I shouldn't have let myself get so attached to him I just knew it.

    damn it.

    and as if that weren't enough for one day,something happened to my 9 year old pitbull to.

    I let her outside,and 2 minutes later there she is whining and bleeding at the front door!
    her front paws were bleeding,2 claws broke off very low,and her back legs all mauled up and bleeding.she cant even walk.

    the worst part is I don't know what happened!

    my neighbors have a huge great pyranese that put a whoopin on my male pitbull when he was still here,and ive seen it in my yard a few I cant think of anything else that could've happened to her.
    in her own damn yard!
    man it pisses me off.they have 2 of their 3 acres fenced in!and that damned dog still has hurt both my viscous pitbulls,in their own damn yard.

    I swear if I see that thing over here again im shootin it!
    its bullshit.
    I cant afford to take her in for xrays,all I can do is give her Tylenol and hope shes ok.
    she couldn't even get in bed last night.laid on the floor whining all night long.

    so that's my cat and dog in one day.i cant believe heart is hurtin bad today.

    I have to go and wrap a blanket under her to help her get outside now.and its gonna really stress me out.
    in her own damn yard!!

    I oughta take em to court.all the stories you see about people suing pitbull owners,how about a great pyranese bully!trespassing no less....grrrrr


  1. mrs.badger
    Oh momma, I'm so sorry about your pets; we feel so helpless when they're hurt. I have a pitbull mix and I'm sick to death of the 'rep' they constantly have. Mine is such a sweetie and is rather scared of her own shadow sometimes.
    Do you have any Neosporin? Dab that on the cuts on her legs and broken claws. It'll help stop infection and speed healing.
    This post made me so mad, I'm ready to go over and beat up your neighbors.
  2. lostlygirl
    Oh, I am so sorry. That is so sad. I know how you feel, we felt the same way about our little kitty that was only 4 days old. As my daughter said, ours hadn't even opened her eyes, and yours had barely lived.

    I believe you can give ibuprofen to your dog, as well as Benadryl. The ibuprofen will help with the swelling and may be safer on the liver than Tylenol. The Benadryl will act as a deep muscle relaxer and help him be more comfortable.

    I would call the RSPCA and report the dog, or at least file an online police report incase it happens again.

    Isn't it funny how we only remember the good stuff about the drugs, and not all the crap that goes with it? I hear cravings eventually go away, but they take time.

    I had a student in one of my classes that had given up smoking for several years. One day she just started again because she said for 18 mths that's all she could think about! It's such an easy road in and a long hard road out. Sigh......

    Hugs xxoo
  3. Beenthere2Hippie
    What happened to both your cat and dog is awful. Of course death is worse, but that poor cat suffered before it died as well. These kind of situations make me crazy, and i'm agreeing with you in that no one has the right to bring another of their animals to your house to cause use damage to yours.

    What, if any, rules apply to people like this anyways? With the word of your other neighbor, can you turn in a report on what your neighbor did see?

    I live in the country but I keep my cat as an indoor cat, since I could never live with the death rate you guys are facing. It would kill me.

    Anyway, so very sorry to hear about your cat's death and your dog's injury. And I hope you find some form of justice soon also. Your entire family is in my thoughts.
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