Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 55

By detoxin momma · Dec 7, 2014 · ·
  1. i appreciate the encouragement hippy,thank you....I have another checkup in 2 days,and I think I go to 2 week checkups after that.

    I feel pretty feet are starting to hurt everyday,thats a new pain.but I know I don't have much longer to go so im getting excited to not be pregnant anymore.
    excited to finally see her feels like its been a lonnnng year.

    my work schedule letting up is making me feel less anxious to.i had myself so psyched out over juggling so many things,so everytime I tell a person im quitting work right after Christmas it feels surprisingly great.

    I finally told the 2 familys closest to my home I was pregnant.friday was the first time ive went to the old couples house with it just being her there.

    it was very sad.she had tears in her eyes when I got tv on.few lights.complete silence.
    I could tell shes lost without her husband.shes spent the last 2 years completely taking care of twice a week,and catering to his every move.quite a change when that all is gone im sure.

    I sat straight down and so did she.i had already heard from another neighbor I clean for occasionally how things went down the night he died.but I listened as if I hadn't anyway.

    as I sat there,dripping sweat in my big heavy coat in her 80 degree house,i let her finish then I said"Rosemary,ive been putting off this conversation for many reasons for many months."

    she looked at me kinda funny,then I took my coat off.intentionally dressed in a more form fitting,revealing shirt.

    my belly was obvious as I did this,and I said"im pregnant,and I have to quit working come January"

    she looked very shocked.many questions wandering her head im sure.

    "and ive only got 8 weeks to go"i said.

    'well congratulations"she said of course.

    I went on to tell her why ive put this off so long.she said she wished I would've told her because she wouldn't have asked me to do some things.and I said that was a main reason I kept it in so long.

    if a person is going to pay me to come clean they deserve to have the job done the same it would be done by someone who isn't pregnant.otherwise I should've quit a long time ago.thats how I feel and that's what I told her.

    I even told her I have someone to replace me,so she wont be left high and dry.for her and her daughter next door.who I still hadn't told because I never see her.

    I said it was fine to tell her daughter because I didn't know when I'd get the ive felt like it really wasn't a conversation for the phone,or a note,which is the only way I communicate with the daughter.

    also,theres a lady I do mostly yard work for across the street from these guys.ive worked for her the longest,she actually got me these 2 other houses.
    she hasn't known I was pregnant either because she works to.

    and ive done hard stuff for her.stuff like pulling weeds outta flower beds and weed eating her whole property.
    I actually believe its this ladys yard that messed up my back.before I even knew I was pregnant I was there fighting with her weedeater.

    they can be very hard to get started when they haven't been used all winter.and hers is a man sized gas,pull start weedeater.not some lightweight electric thing.

    I was 7 weeks pregnant when I got that thing out to use,just didn't know it.and I was hurting from then on out pretty just wasn't that noticeable til I got cut off the tramadol.

    im sure they all know by now,their like a group of cackling hens over there,lol....oh to be a fly on the wall.....

    I cant imagine how long these last months would've felt had I quit working right I'd probably be much much heavier from lack of exercise.and I do feel like its good for my endurance to keep working.
    its hard work to deliver a baby,very hard.and I bet I'd be winded and exhausted right off the bat if I sat around the whole pregnany.

    so,im glad ive kept moving.i believe it will help the delivery I really do.

    so,i have one cleaning left at these 2 families done in the city.
    the only things I have left are the empty townhouses.

    im more reluctant to drop these because the pay is over double than an individuals their empty!my kinda work.i love it.its my favorite thing to do.

    people move out,then I come along to make it all shiny new for the next tenants.
    its what im good at and I enjoy the finished outcome.looks brand new.
    and theres a check sitting on the counter waiting for me.
    no talking.just come,go,get paid.perfect for my personality.

    I hate to lose this connection.especially this time of year.most people move during the first quarter of the year due to income taxes.
    so its always a busy time of year for cleaning.incomes double than the rest of the year...ugghhh what can ya do.

    I don't like daycares,or babysitters,and I don't want my husband missing work so I can,i don't have a baby for someone else to raise it ya know.

    last time I was at my lawyers cleaning she told me a story of 2 practicing,husband and wife lawyers at her firm.
    the wife couldn't wait to get back to work,so they put their baby in daycare asap.
    the daycare used some kinda beaded blanket the baby was under the weight limit for,and it died!!
    laid there 4 hours before someone realized it wasn't breathing!

    can you imagine.having to live with that the rest your just isn't worth the risk.i'd rather be broke than worry nonstop what someone was doing with my baby.
    plus daycares very expensive.just not for us.

    anyways,been doing some serious nesting around home.even my kids closets are being targeted a trunk full of crap for goodwill,taking it in today.
    even my dresser has been gone threw and reduced.feels great.

    in fact,im heading towards my kids dressers to do the same now.i told them all weekend its getting to winter time and we're about to be cooped up the next few months and I want everything as neat and organized as possible.i told them to picture how things were when we moved in,because that's what im going for!no clutter.

    my poor family...atleast they go along.
    happy wife happy life.thats my motto lol...


  1. mrs.badger
    Momma, this might sound a little crazy. But especially since these houses will be empty, could you bring the baby with you? Maybe when she's a little older?
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