Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 57

By detoxin momma · Dec 19, 2014 ·
  1. thanks for the tips dezzi,and thanks as always for the support BT2H....

    my dog is slowly getting better,but I believe she is going to need a chiropractor,right after Christmas its my first priority.

    I stopped giving her all meds because she stopped eating!for 3 days she had nothing but water,and lost atleast 10 pounds.not a good look for a smaller dog.
    she is so damn smart that she realized we were hiding meds in her food,and decided she just wouldn't eat then!

    she got better a few days,then once she decided to not trust what we were giving her anymore she just laid in bed dwindling away!
    I got so desperate to get her to eat I started making her pork chops and ham steaks and bacon!

    for 4 days I mixed up these favorite people foods of hers with her dog food.and I got some canned puppy chow,since I know it has more nutrients than adult dog food.

    this has all seemed to help.she trust that we aren't sneaking her meds again,so shes putting the weight back on.
    but boy is she stiff,and still limping pretty bad.

    my husband and I literally grab each end of her giving her little pulls and tugs to help straighten her spine back out.she looks like a hunchback.if I were rich or it wasn't Christmas I'd of had her at the vet by now.

    my friends male pit is seeing a chiropractor now for slipped vertebrae,and hes getting a shit ton of tramadol and methocarbamol muscle relaxers for it.
    she gave me some for Nina.
    but it was like the 3rd day of slipping them to her that she decided to not eat,so I stopped.

    if shes skin and bones its gonna hurt her I didn't see that the pills were giving her that much relief that its worth it.she sits in bed and sleeps all day on meds or not.

    so,a week til Christmas then its to the chiropractor she goes.we have to.cant have something we love so much be so miserable.

    and we don't have a single credit card,or I would've been racking up debt for her by now.
    my friend said she paid $140 for xrays,and $60 per visit.thats doable,have to.

    but yeah,i wont deny its quite tempting having tramadol around.i debated giving them back to her,but had my husband stash them away instead.

    and I preached to him how he can not touch them since he takes trazadone,an antidepressant.
    and he is supposed to take wellbrutin everyday(seems to go up and down on taking those).not a good combination.

    so,6 months ago I wouldn't have hesitated to take those trams.but now I can wait.
    im sure when the time comes i'll be very glad I have some around.

    still not sure how I feel about this though.i think ive broken the dependence I thought I had on tramadol,so I sure don't want to go back ya know.time will tell.

    anyways,ohhhh xmas can kiss my ass,lol.....our families are getting so big its overwhelming for me.when I write out the xmas list I literally have over 30 people on it.17 kids! plus still all the adults.siblings,cousins,aunts,grama,etc...its too much.killing the xmas spirit for me.

    so,ive bitched and moaned to both my side and his that something has to be done.we can not buy a present for every single one of these kids.

    theres 9 on my side,and 11 on then my 2!which is my main priority.its up to each kids parents to make xmas for them.

    so,on my side we all drew names.each adult buys one gift and we do a passing game.each kid buys for whatever kids name they that's help relieve some of the pressure.

    on his side no one wants to communicate though.theres no "adults"left is why.just all the siblings and nieces and nephews,noone to take control and deligate a good plan of action.

    plus,with the passing of my brother in law(he was the patriarch of hubbys side now)all the women are at each others throats.except me,i refuse to point fingers and be a bitch.not fair to the boy he left behind.

    my husbands sisters literally told his wife"keep your ass in the Ozarks,you're not welcome!"

    I cant believe this approach.they were married over 20 years and now they want to shun her.its not right.everyone knows this man was asking for it.pushing his body to the limits everyday for many years.why they want to be mean to her now is beyond me.

    plus,he would not want it this way.what about the boy,hes their nephew.even if they hate her cant they be adults and suck it up for his sake!

    she called my husband last nite crying saying,"so I guess you hate me to huh"

    hes like,"no, I don't have any hard feelings towards did nothing wrong.but what my sisters do is on them.their drunken idiots"....

    I was proud of him.hes right.they are drunken idiots.but what can ya do....

    but anyways,yeah husbands can be tricky to buy gifts for.for me its kinda easy though because I always get him the same things,and hes thrilled every year.

    lots of ammunition!! seriously though.its all he ever wants.hes one of those guys that believes we have to stock pile guns and ammo.
    and I got him a few neat targets.
    he also needed a new wallet this year.

    with his brother passing he got 2 guns that belonged to their father back.ones a tiny little 22 with a really pretty ivory handle.still in the original box with the receipt and all!
    his dad paid $20 for it in 1962! wow.

    and a really really old rifle,engraved with his grandpas name on it.

    so I got him some shells for both those.he says he wants to take our son hunting not a big fan of that,and I don't eat deer either.but,boys will be boys.....

    anyways,today is my last day at the old woman who lost her husbands glad.
    yesterday was my last day at her felt great.

    I kinda expected her to be unhappy with me for the way I handled everything,being pregnant and what not.but they aren't.even gave me a lil xmas bonus.i feel relieved in more ways than one,and im glad i'll be able to focus solely on my family.

    that's how I feel today anyway....

    starting next week I have nothing work related going on.
    watch out DF...just kidding,lol...
    tata for now...


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