Detoxin momma:things are changing for me. - Part 58

By detoxin momma · Dec 23, 2014 ·
  1. well I knew this day was coming.up at 2 am,can't sleep.body hurts too damn bad.can't get comfortable.just fought off a charley horse.

    damn those leg cramps.its only the second one ive got so far,and I hope the last.but doubt it.
    makes it so much worse that it hurts for like a day or 2 after getting one.

    ive just been reading what causes them and what to do.said to flex my toes around,but I can't imagine doing that.when it happens to me my entire calf muscle clenches up getting rock hard,i can't stand or walk just sit there saying,ow ow ow and trying my best to only rub downward on it.damn it!

    atleast the kids are home for xmas break so i'll be able to sleep in,when I do get back to sleep.
    such a simple thing we take for granted.guess I better get used to it for awhile.

    lately its unbelievable how uncomfortable I am when I try and lay down.
    pillow under every crevice of my body,still can't get comfortable.just toss and turn.which isn't easy to do at this point.

    my sister in law on hubbys side has called off Christmas gathering for their side.too many people mad at each other right now.
    I feel bad for my husband,hes pretty annoyed that their all acting so childish and hateful towards each other.

    he keeps saying how pissed his brother would be over how the sisters are treating his wife.over 20 years they were together!and now that means nothing to is pitiful.

    he also made a rookie mistake with our xmas tree this year.he just has to have a real one.and it just happened to fit perfectly in its stand,so he didn't trim on the base at all and boy is it dry!hasnt sucked up a drop of water.
    even shutting the door causes a ton of needles to fall,lol...its looking pretty rough.
    but,the kids don't care,thats all that matters.

    i'll be taking it down xmas day!

    anyways,barely over a month to go.and I can't wait.
    I'd rather have the baby tucked away safe in her crib keeping me up then how I feel now.atleast when shes born i'll be able to lay how I'd like to in bed.and I wont have to worry about leg cramps,heart burn,or elbows and knees jabbing me in the ribs.

    its gonna be a long 5/6 weeks.
    please just 5 lol....


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